The Language of Esoteric Numerology

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The Language of Esoteric Numerology

Long has it been known that the effect of numbers, though not necessarily in the written form, precede any form of script. In fact, it can be said that the intelligence of numbers, which belongs to the science of cycles, antedates language as we know it. 

If the wisdom of cycles, as expressed in numerals, predate words and by that vocabulary in the contemporary intelligible, what is it that they communicate that ought to be part of how and why we communicate (?). The basis of this consideration begins with the word interconnection. If we interconnect, and that we constantly do because it is one of the foremost activities and defining qualities of being human, what, as aforesaid, must we follow or at the very least know about the language of eternal successions? 

It does not require too much contemplation to arrive at a sensible position whereby we can assume that numbers, which represent universal cycles, can provide knowledge and by that an advance that is at least suitable and in accord with and within the Universe we exist in.  

This workshop presents an important portion of the knowledge that belongs to the science of Esoteric Numerology. Specifically, the presentation will cover the how and when but more so the why it is that we ought not to omit this grand science from our daily life. As the energetic fact states – ‘numbers do not lie’ (SB). If this is so would it not assist if not advance our interactions if we applied the how, when and why to our daily forms of communication? Indeed, we can accelerate our return to the vast awareness we long ago relinquished if we activate the science of cycles that surrounds us and is part of every moment of human life. We cannot escape numbers simply because we cannot ever escape cycles. If there is a number, then it is that there is an advance. And because we are surrounded by numbers, even in words and speech, there is constant evolution on offer. 

Esoteric Numerology offers us the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the cycles that not only influence our life but provide it with all the advances it requires.  



DATE: Sunday 23rd June 2019

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June 23rd, 2019 10:00 AM   through   3:00 PM
United Kingdom
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