Here you will find commonly asked questions about the ONLINE STUDIES and about accessing your paid subscription files and services.

Are you experiencing problems downloading the Audio files?

If you are having difficulties understanding the audio file listing or have other troubles with the downloads please check below to see if an answer to your problem has already been explained.

contact us  if you need further help with the website

How do I download the audio files?

Once you have logged into your account with your user name and password and are signed up for Esoteric Medicine > go to Esoteric Medicine Library in the right hand side navigation. Click on the year you are subscribed to > this will load the top page, the most recent uploads. You will find the beginning of the year on the last page (highest number).

You can find the page numbers at the bottom on each page (ie. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | next> last>>).

Click on download audio file for the recording (download file for the PDF where they are available) > for either of them a pop up window will open and ask you to save the file > choose a place where you save your other Arcane files on your computer. The download will start.

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How can I use the audio files?

Once the files have one after the other downloaded you can choose to add them to your iTunes music management program or any equivalent.

When you import them they might or might not be in sequence which means you move them around to be in sequence. To make it easy for you we have attached the image below which gives you a clear understanding of how the names work.

  • There is always a Fiery Sutra evening and a White Magic evening that have the same number, these are the 2 evenings that go together always starting with the FS (Fiery Sutra) followed by WM (White Magic).
  • With one exception there are always 2 files per evening (Part 1 and 2)... see detailed explanation of the names below. The same applies to all years to come.

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What is the logic behind the audio file names?

We had to choose names for the audio files which will list in a folder in sequence and are extendable for the years to come. This means they have a title that is understood my humans as well as defaulting to an alphabetic sort in a computer. Here is what they mean:

  • 11 = year

  • The Study of Esoteric Medicine = Title of project

  • Part 1 and Part 2 = these are the 2 recording that go together for one evening.
    or no number in which case it is the full recording in one file

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With whom can I share my files?

You can have family and friends listen to your files with you. We want this work to be shared but not copied and distributed.

What you can't do with friends is burn CDs for them or load it onto their iPod/MP3 player and give the files to them to listen to. (This is due to copyright laws and consent to agreement upon signing up to the UNIMED ONLINE SCHOOL).

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I don't have a music player - can I listen to the files on the website?

You can listen to any of our audio files online if you have broadband. You will have access to them anytime you are logged into your account.
Go to the particular audio file you like to listen to > click on the 'read more' link > then click the play button (image 1) and it will start playing (image 2) after a short loading time.
You require a Flash Player to listen online. If you don't have flash - download it for free here: > go to downloads > Flash Player.

  • IMAGE 1:

  • IMAGE 2:

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