New Year's Message 2016


Before we get into the details and descriptions of this year’s message, and what it means, we must first and foremost understand that we live in and by an immutable order that details the fact that we cannot escape living in cycles.

If the reader is interested, the previous two New Year's Messages clearly define the fact of the cycles we inescapably live in. In particular, they have left their indelible revelations for us all to draw from for many cycles to come.

If we are to draw from the two previously communicated messages it is very clear that there is no doubt of the fact that we live in one gigantic static, an endless movement that goes nowhere but around and around returning to the same spot, year after year. Echoed once more -- we are endlessly moving around in circles, or more precisely, we are on an elliptical trajectory that is eternal. Fact, and therefore, end of story.

In effect, we are no different to a goldfish in a goldfish bowl.
The goldfish in a goldfish bowl (or tank) can move around and swim for thousands of kilometres in its lifetime. But no matter at what interval one chooses to examine or compute the distance moved, or the ‘time’ spent moving, the goldfish has not left the bowl, it has not truly travelled anywhere, it has just moved around its bowl. And although this example could be charged as leaning towards and hence favouring the notion being presented, the same applies if the goldfish were to be in the wild, that is, in any pond, lake or alike, for they too belong to the same gigantic ‘goldfish bowl’ we all unavoidably belong to.

It can be rightly said that we are the same as the goldfish: we are born, we develop, and eventually we mark our own mega-kilometres on this plane of life, movements that are determined by our choices, and inevitably, at our end, we pass over. And in all that, in all those movements, be it from one state to another state, one country to another country, from one suburb or precinct to another, from job to job, from one or many matrimonial relationships, in the end, we have not left our own form of goldfish bowl, planet Earth, and its endless movements around the Sun.

And, if one is open to the fact of re-incarnation, the irrefutable facts here described will further define the fact that life is all about energetic responsibility, a form of responsibility that includes, nonetheless, all of the highest notions we have of integrity, respect and decency, but raises them beyond the elevation we currently hold them in. Yes, there is no higher principle than energetic responsibility. It could be rightly said that, energetic responsibility, is the essence of true universality.

Therefore there is a purpose to being inside a fishbowl where we are free to move and ‘swim’ as we please, however, never are we free or away from that which contains us, which indicates that we are eternally responsible for all that we do and by that we are eternally responsible for each other by every move and or choice that we make.

And what does all this really mean?

In effect you cannot hold as a belief that, in the privacy of your making, as seemingly offered by the elements of physicality, you are truly free to do as you please in a manner that leaves your movements inside those walls for no other to be affected by, good or not as these may be. This simply means that, whatever you choose to do in the cloister that is offered by four walls no one can see through, when you leave your assumed privacy, you take out to the rest of the world the energetic quality of your chosen ways, be they true and loving or indulgent and abusive. This is an energetic fact. And to ignore it is to ignore an immutable element of life.

Yes, what you read here is an unalterable order. No one can change or modify these facts. And this is for a very specific reason, i.e. the order is there to teach and offer a certain way of life, of living life that not only advocates but also pulls up the quality of integrity which we all should choose to live by.

But some choose to do as they please, be it to live by self-abuse, self-harm, and or, to live (move) in a way that harms others. Whatever is the choice, we are all affected by it. There is no truth in the notion or stoic belief of ‘us and them’ as there is neither an energetic truth in the perception of ‘here and there’; it is all one sphere of energy, one ocean of energy which we all live under, or, as the metaphor offered, we all inescapably live in one big goldfish bowl.

Yes, and reiterated yet again, because we live inside a fishbowl we are responsible for every movement that we make which translates to the fact that every movement we make has an effect on all others who are equally living within the same one fishbowl.

But, and with regard to our lifestyles everywhere, what have we done with these unalterable facts?

What type of ‘life’ have we advocated and fostered given these unchangeable facts?

On a worldwide scale it can be said that we are on the one hand managing quite well. However, if truth be told, and it is there for us all to see, we are showing another hand that details the fact that many in society are suffering, the consequences of which we have yet to appropriately and truly detail.

There needs to be a complete and unreserved account of what is taking place in our societies everywhere so that a true interpretation of our place in evolution is there for all to see.

If we are defined, and our greatest pride and right is based on this notion,
by our right to be free to choose to do as we please,
then let’s examine in full what those choices have generated, worldwide.

If there is true joy somewhere in the world, let us all know about it. Likewise, and of equal importance, if there is disquiet, abuse, horror, malaise etc, then we must also all know about it.

Not knowing the full picture will conceal the true level of intelligence we have accepted. If there are human behaviours that we need to hide then we have failed as a species. We must know it all so that we can pull up and collectively work on never allowing any pocket of our genus to be less or to dip into being less than the highest we would desire and or expect for ourselves. If we avoid the whole picture, we are in deliberate compromise, which simply means that we are in a form of pure convenience, a comfort that is in fact an act of irresponsibility and hence not a posture of true intelligence.

Thus, the general compromise allows us to accept that life can be okay, good, even great so long as we have a marker that can show another who is worse off, or, where there is calamity, less than ours. But is this form of reckoning an advance in any true way or is it a mere form of remedying, a form of relief that satisfies the low-set consensus?

We have failed to report on what is truly going on in the world. The so-called ‘news’ we get is selected and not truly open and detailing. The fact is that we have worldwide plagues we are not admitting we are in and neither are we on a global scale broadcasting the fact.

Exhaustion is in mega epidemic proportions. If you consider this untrue or at best alarmist then ask all coffee/caffeine drinkers to not consume their artificial stimulants for a few days and then take note of the real quality of their output, both professionally and domestically … not to mention the moods and withdrawal symptoms, and or, the ‘craving’ for sugar to make up for the exposed exhaustion.

Generally if not truthfully speaking, we are in great difficulty. And this is not stated from any alarmist perspective but from the value of what we instead ought to be naturally experiencing -- true vitality, vibrancy and a deep settlement. But this is not the norm. And there are many other plagues besieging us.

And so …

When does humanity decide or admit that they have reached a critical juncture with regard to illness and disease?

Can, and or, does the word ‘plague’ or the term ‘plague proportions’ apply to general global unwellness and or to the state of unhappiness or does it only apply when a ‘viral outbreak’ takes out millions of people?

Hence …

Does the arithmetic of millions of ‘unwell’ or ‘unhappy’ people register as a major crisis or plague, or, are we only moved by mortality rates and thus not equally as interested by the loss or the lessening of our basic right to a vibrant life?

There is an answer, one that already has a solid sixteen-year (16) track record, and showing quite remarkable results. And that answer is found in the term ‘The Livingness’ and its universal form of approach to life, medicine, relationships, education, science, intelligence and religion.

Given its astounding results, at the very least, ‘The Livingness’ is an endeavour worth considering. But, are we ready to set aside or even put down our pride and emplacements to truly discuss the problems at hand? Are we ready to accept or embrace the fact that many are and have been living the effective answers, successfully so? Orbits around the Sun will tell.

A wise society is one that fosters affinity and widespread interdependence, not one that allows ridicule and or attack on the basis of
protecting one’s position.

Can we be ‘old-fashion’ and say –

  • Not that long ago our families were not savaged by the onslaught that is cancer.
  • Not that long ago diabetes and obesity were not on the same speedway as heart disease.

And so …

What is happening to mankind?

What is really going on with the supposedly most intelligent species on the planet when ill mental health is at plague proportions?

Surely there’s an answer. But are we on track to finding it, or better still, admitting we know it, or, are we all content with having short to medium term solutions that satisfy our pride and assist the few pockets they serve?

At what point are we to ask the questions that few are asking, and if we do not ask, are we inviting more big white elephants into the room simply because we refuse to deal with the first that is fairly and squarely sitting on our shoulders?

Has conventional medicine reached its peak with regards to understanding illness and disease?
(This question is not posed from the basis of treatment or ‘cure’, for in that arena conventional medicine reigns supreme. Accordingly, the question is rightly asked from the perspective of prevention, and specifically, preventing the lifestyle choices that lead to our many ills.)

Are we seeing technological advances that maximise functionality yet are missing the picture on the whole of the being?

And therefore …

Is our current form of intelligence, and consequently, our understanding of life, able to keep up with the very obvious dis-order that is detrimentally impairing humanity on a global scale?

Have our levels of education truly kept up (?), or are we trailing the rates of affliction and malaise?

With regard to our ailments: love, true self-care and a far more self-loving lifestyle are the missing component to an already outstanding medical model. Conventional medicine is not responsible for the choices people make, each are free to choose the type of lifestyle they will make for themselves. However, conventional medicine can be a greater player than it currently is with regard to advocating for a vibrant life, a form of living that is more conscious to a way of life that supports healthy relationships with self and with all others in addition to a healthy relationship with one’s body and the being that operates it. But we too have a hugely responsible role to play; our part is to be open, very honest, willing and thus responsive to change. Together we are greater.

A cohesive whole will always work better than any of its great parts.

How do we start, and what is there to be done?

What are the causes or root cause that we are to look for?

For all to consider:
There is an instituting impediment that generates a vigour or zeal analogous to and of its own energetic quality that impulses activity, intention and hence behaviour well before there is the more obvious transgressing impediment. And this is exactly the at times mystery that befuddles those who truly seek the root cause of our many global and historic ills, in their many forms. The answer of course will be found in energy, that is, in the type of energy or ‘consciousness’ we choose, for it, ‘energy’, thereafter, will generate all that we are and all that we will proceed to know and do, etc.

The root of our woes will be found in the following teaching:

“Everything is energy, and therefore, everything is because of energy” ~ Serge Benhayon, 1999.

Although stated in 1999 by the author it is an ancient known fact, taught by many in various ways. But can we sensibly go there? Yes we can is the short answer but not the long answer until we are willing to admit the whole true picture. Less than the whole true picture, less than the ‘warts and all’ as the phrase touts, will not arouse the right questions to be asked.

The real and true healing can thus begin once we recognise and thereafter implement the ancient teachings, one of which is offered here for mankind to consider:

A part that is not held and thus not lived equal to the true quality of the whole it belongs to, will simply be a part that strains, underperforms and therefore is a part that is diminished and or self-sabotaged to be less than the otherwise true value and representation of the great collective it actually belongs to.

We must not ever consider ourselves a part that does not belong to the great whole, as neither should we allow another to drift away in and under that false notion.

The transgressing impairments that prohibit what would otherwise be a truehearted society are all clearly known to us. And addressing these offending behaviours has long been the endeavour of mankind at its cohesive best.

Together, and only together, we can do it. So why not go there, together, and let’s see what unfolds.

With love,
The forever student,
Serge Benhayon