New Year's Message 2019


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The science of cycles or cyclic living helps us understand the quality and offering of existence. Cyclic living has a language and it is found in periodic recurring quantity. There are certain sensitivities by which and from which we can ascertain the required details of each cycle. These forms of access and sensitivities vary. The easiest manner to access and understand what is on offer is found in the language of Esoteric Numerology. While the latter approach deals with single digit numbers, i.e. from 1 to 9, it is important to not forget that each number is representing a recurring cycle. However, it is not just that cycles are periodically recurrent, there is the occurrence of a form of expansion that is also regular as it is responsive to the overall rhythm that founds the entire movement of space.

With the understanding that each cycle is really only the one recurrent Song or movement, we move on to understand why it is that the one movement produces and details itself as it repeats until such occasion when it returns to its beginning, the one cyclic movement. Much of this knowledge is acquired from other sensitivities, as mentioned. Respectfully, this message will retain the intended simplicity and as such the communication will be expressed via the science of Esoteric Numerology.

While it could be surmised that the science of Esoteric Numerology is a deciphering method by which we can comprehend the reason and purpose of why it is that we exist in a field that is permanently cyclic, this science is in-truth a method of understanding that requires a relationship to and with the impulse of the reoccurrence. In other words: the why is experienced. The experience will effectively speak for each situation. And because each cycle is an expanded version of itself, the repetitive offering can be realised through a fixed language. That language is expressed by the numerals 1 through to 9. A single digit number is used to translate the recurrent cycle we are in such that we can better grasp its offering while we are in it before we unavoidably move on to the next offering. As the number 9 details, the full breadth of the movement we exist in ends by way of reappearance at its ninth interval whereupon it returns to recommence all over again. And again, and again the movement is, and moves.   

The purpose of cyclic living has its roots in a greater event than evolution itself. But this tells you little unless you understand the fact that evolution is a word that describes our particular method of returning to what was long ago relinquished. When we return to the point of release or separation, we simply resume our relationship with the greater event and no longer will we associate with the word evolution. This fact provides prodigious detail as to why our particular relationship to cyclic living is one of crucial concern. Our way of life, our current and long held model of life, is not part of the original impress that forms the one movement. As cited, the release from or the separation has resulted in a deviation that causes manifestations the original impress does not offer. In fact, what takes place in our form of reality exists nowhere else. And this is said to indicate the colossal incongruity and its historic failures though for some, especially its creators and gatekeepers, it is a form of entrenched pride. Because of the separation we have evolution. And evolution meaning a return to that which was abandoned.  

With this in mind, we have a clearer understanding of what cycles mean to us. Each cycle offers a greater point of return. Each cycle will reveal the quality that is influencing and establishing the reality that will be experienced in accordance with what is on offer by the pull of evolution and what is similar or contrary in its resistance. The latter forms a different type of reality than would the former, i.e. one is in accord and the other is dissenting.

Relevant to us, cycles are many and varied. Of note is the fact that we are not ever outside a cycle. In addition to the cycles we cannot alter, such as our orbit around the Sun, or the type of season relevant to our location on our planet, there are those we have introduced such as a calendar year, a fiscal year or other cyclic events such as Ramadan, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year etc. While these are ‘man-made’ they nonetheless provide evidence that we are governed by the repetitious nature of recurring unfoldments. And wherever there is recurring unfoldment there will be evolution on offer. Note: on offer and not guaranteed. This simply means that it is we who decide whether we evolve or leave that movement to be offered again as it unavoidably is due to the fact of cyclic living.

Because we inescapably exist under the rhythm of cycles, life is all about cycles. Again, man-made or not, we are not ever outside a cycle. And here are a few of the many other cycles we may join and share: one birthday to our next, Easter to Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, St Valentine’s Day, one full moon to the next full moon or the festival of Wesak. There is also International Women’s Day, International Men’s Day, Labour Day or World Heritage Day to name a few more. (No disrespect to the many other important events that are here not mentioned.)

Living in cycles means that there is a rhythm to adhere to. The rhythm may not always be beneficial, but it is nonetheless a rhythm if we observe and or partake of a virtue or vice that belongs to the marked event. Cycles can vary in length. They can be a daily cycle which is 24 hours, a weekly, monthly or yearly cycle as it can also be a period of approximately 26,000 years as marked by a planetary motion known as Precession.

That said, the rest of the message will focus on the meaning and purpose of cyclic living that specifically deals with our evolution back to the point of separation, an interval that remains unsullied by the movement that was a movement away from our in-whole Divine quality. 

Cyclic living is pure medicine. The science that details this unavoidable aspect of life is known as universal medicine. The words that constitute the science say it all. There is a universal aspect or colossal sphere from which and within which there are medicinal features and advances. In its most basic understanding universal medicine tells us that there are restorative advantages if we observe and align to the qualities each cycle offers. In nature, and because space is ever expanding, no two cycles are identical. It is this factor that asks us to observe, adhere, adjust and expand accordingly.

Of course, in reverse, and because we are not ever free of cycles, it can be said that there will be anti-medicinal properties or consequences if our way of being does not adjust to the expanded rhythm. In other words: we can forgo the offered expansion; we can decline the opportunity to deepen, confirm, appreciate or enlarge our return to the point of Divine quality, and in doing so create a relationship with the manifestation of incongruity.     

The science of numerology sits within or was given birth by the science of universal medicine. The latter is the progenitor that produces the language by which we can understand the proposing nature each cycle, in its repetitious nature, offers. Therefore, the true science of numerology, and its practice, is and can only be based on the science of cycles.

Because we are not ever outside of a cycle it is imperative that we understand why it is that life itself is based on a rhythm that is unalterably recurrent. The returning and or recurring factor means that our future, our health and every other aspect of life is and will remain a cause and effect relationship within and with specific regard to the manner cyclical progression works. As mentioned, this factor is important on many levels and crucial on the issue of health and vitality. Hence, prevailing and founding the overall sequence of eternal successions, we find that the principles and qualities that found the science of universal medicine are foremost when we are considering what health is and how to maximise vigour and condition with respect to what we cannot avoid.  

The preceding paragraph, brief and introductory as it is, offers a basic outline of how we are to define if not redefine the meaning of fitness with regard to being ‘fit for life’. And fit for life meaning how we cope with all of life’s stresses and not just how adequate we can aerobically and or anaerobically negotiate certain activities. This is said with respect to how obvious it is that we could find ourselves in dis-order if there is disrespect, or worse, contempt, to the nature of recurrent living. This simply means that we can repeat discordance enough times such that it can physically manifest the dissonance. Of course, it would follow that if there is adherence to the nature of cyclic living there is advance to be re-obtained as that is what the cycles produce.

The overarching question seems too simple in a world based on a model that advocates complexity as if it was of value and or valour to employ. Live in accord with the science and principles of universal medicine and concurrence alone can bring vital welfare while discord can produce friction, be it mild and thus mid to long-term in its effect or immediately impactful.

Longstanding have been the wise and evolutionary teachings the science of universal medicine carries and conveys. And let’s face it, only if we can live outside of a cycle, and it is impossible to do so, can we discount this ageless science.

Ignorance brings bliss by shutting down awareness. Note the revelation (correction) to the idiom ‘ignorance is bliss’. It may be blissful to not be aware of what a particular cycle offers but you cannot ever escape its impact on your body and way of being. Of course, the engagement of opposing ingrained behaviour can manifest a seeming reality that poses as triumph over any otherwise quality. But, the consequence of employing forces to resist what in-truth cannot be resisted, is part of the occupation and feature of the human body. This is a fact of life we must not ever ignore if we decide that our rates of illness and disease are too high and by that fact that it is abnormal to and of our species to have such facts. If we decide that illness and disease is part of being human, which in fact, and allowing for the momentum of correction to take its course, it is not if another model were to be the model of being human, then it is that we can ignore the very clear signals our human body is there to produce every moment we are in conflict with the cycle of evolution. The human body is, as first indicated in 1999 by this author, ‘the marker of all truth’.   

If we rely on the cycle known as ‘a year’ and because of it the title of ‘New Year’, it is that this New Year’s Message begins with its numerological contribution. And customarily this is what this site has brought with its New Year’s messages. 2019 brings its numerological donation as follows:

2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 

1 + 2 = 3

2019 is the numerological cycle year of 3

3 is the number of light. The number of universal communication. It is the third cycle that offers the fact of multidimensional love, wisdom, health and intelligence. On offer is an expanded cycle of advance in the cited elements -- love, wisdom, health and intelligence.

Whatever the subject, be it business, relationship, friendship, travel, study or work, look for its multidimensional meaning and purpose. And by multidimensional it is meant that we expand our sensitivities to incorporate that which is beyond the physical as well as and with equal focus to all that is that comprises moment by moment material life.    

There is much to see and be aware of if you are willing to observe and deepen your relationship with what is observed within the greater sphere we exist in. And this lays ahead as the numerology motions the impulse to do so. Over to you for a year of energetic enlargement as is the offering of 2019, the 3, the multilayered world we actually exist in.

With love,
The forever student,
Serge Benhayon

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