The Livingness - Stage 2

The Livingness 2 -- In today’s relevant and precise energetic times, life is about making sure that the body is clear so that more love can be held in it.


The Livingness Stage 2 - Presented by Natalie Benhayon

Ascension is the ancient term or science of raising one’s level of vibration. In modern times this means to clear the body so that more love can be held in it. It may seem strange that we have to work on creating more space for love, but energetically, this is precisely what we all eventually will have to do. That said, this cannot occur if the way of daily living is one of disregard or abuse in any way. In the true meaning of the word, Enlightenment is to free yourself from the daily behaviours that do not create love in your body. The journey of enlightenment is simply the freeing up of one’s vibrational attraction to LOVELESS BEHAVIOUR. This cannot occur if the energetic memory of certain events/behaviours has not been released or cleared and thus their energy holds a pull or influence in all affairs.

Under the Principles of Esoteric Philosophy and the Sciences of Esoteric Healing – this workshop is to help you:

•    Release the energy that influences such ill behaviours
•    Relinquish old energetic patterns that sabotage and restrain growth
•    Learn about the influence of the ill-energy

Our true evolution is to create a love-filled body (the kingly form) so that we can enhouse and thus express the light of the Soul.



Sunday 2nd JUNE: 09:30 to 15:00

Registration: 08:00 - 08:50

Investment: £90 (cash and cheque payments only)
No upgrade price

Venue: Details to be advised.

Please bring your own lunch, means of hydration and pillow/cushion for your comfort. Your massage table if you have one.

*This event is available to participants who are 18 years and over only*

Booking essential. Please login to your account and book online. Thank you.

June 2nd, 2019 9:30 AM   through   3:00 PM
United Kingdom
Phone: +61 2 6624 3706
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