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United Kingdom

02/11/2018 - 9:00am
04/11/2018 - 3:00pm
Sacred Esoteric Healing® Advanced Level 3 -- This is the 'Master Healing' course where each student will be re-aligned to the 3 Rays of Essence and the 4 Rays of Distinction in order to use the more specialised energies of these Rays for higher work in service.
09/11/2018 - 9:00am
11/11/2018 - 3:00pm
Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy® Level 2 is part of the Sacred Esoteric Healing® line of modalities as well as it being part of the Esoteric Body Work® series. This modality introduces the profoundness of being and thus the fact that we are a being within a physical body. Available only to those who have completed SEH 1 – 4 and ECTT L1.
16/11/2018 - 10:00am
18/11/2018 - 3:00pm
The Wheels of Creation course is a revelatory exercise that empowers one to know what is taking place by way of the motion inducing forces that impact our daily lives with regard and respect to how life operates under energetic laws.
24/11/2018 - 12:00pm
24/11/2018 - 4:00pm
The Way of The Livingness – Live Presentation
25/11/2018 - 10:00am
25/11/2018 - 3:00pm
The series is designed to cover many topics, expand on the teachings and offer insight on the demands and stresses of societal life.
10/05/2019 - 4:00pm
14/05/2019 - 4:00pm
Universal Medicine Retreat - UK & EUROPE 2019 - The Science of Divination