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Having Problems?

If you are having difficulties using our site check this page to see if an answer to your problem has already been explained.

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How do I book for an event?

You will need to sign up on our website before you can make a booking.

Once you have an account:

  • login with your user name and password
  • Click the 'Events' tab
  • Choose the relevant page for either Australia or the UK
  • Click on the event you wish to book
  • Click on the [register now] button, located at the bottom of the page
  • You will receive a confirmation email once successfully booked in

Please note: when you have successfully booked an event the button now reads 'cancel booking'

  • Should you wish to cancel a booking click on 'Cancel Booking' – this sends us a message that you have cancelled your booking.

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How do I pay for my booking online?

If you have already booked for an event and wish to pay after the registration process – you will have to use any one of the alternative ways to pay as an online payment will no longer be possible.

On the right side-bar, click on 'My Events' and 'Make a Payment'. Here you will find the various other options of payment for your selected course/workshop. 

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Why am I not receiving e-mails?

Things to check if you are not receiving email:

  • Is your email address correct? (perhaps it has changed recently)
  • Check your details under the [my account] – right hand side navigation
  • Do you have anti-spam software running on your computer? Was the mail miss-classified as junk?
  • Check your "junk "or "spam" mail folder.
  • We highly recommend to not use either 'Yahoo' or 'Hotmail' for our website as both these free-mail providers are prone to be hacked into and classify our mail as SPAM.

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I forgot my password!

If you have forgotten your password you can follow the Request new password link and supply either your email address or username that you used when you registered with us. An email will be sent to your current registered email address with a new password and instructions for logging back into the site and changing the temporary password to something more easy to remember.

contact us  if you need further help with the website

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How to set up a PayPal account – and connect your bank account securely.

Click here to set up your Paypal account and for explanation as to why it is one of the safest ways to make online payments.

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