New Year’s Message 2013

Dear Students of the Livingness,

Each New Year's message remains active by virtue of its revelations and teachings. That said, all of our past New Year’s messages along with the Livingness Messages are there for study and hence application as one can grasp and make such revelations and Energetic Laws their living way. It is for each and every student to make use of what is on offer as they so choose. And, if the Ageless Wisdom is not to your liking, click on the X, switch it off, close the book, stop reading and walk away and find whatever you choose is right for you. If it is all made up – then let it be the hogwash or the lies you deem it to be. Criticising it will only reveal that it has touched areas you do not want touched.

If you choose to continue --
Enjoy this year’s New Year Message.

From the forever student,
Serge Benhayon

New Year’s Message 2013

This New Year’s message begins under the auguries of Esoteric Numerology to help further unfold the fact and importance of the new era we have commenced. Those sensitive to the energetic out-plays of life and to world events may find some correlations in these words. This message will then orientate towards the subject of well-being … note the use of the hyphen to help accentuate what the term and or word truly signifies in its application as a desirable outcome and in its ‘livingness’ by way of activity, consistently sustained.

Let’s begin …Designed cycles and the New Era:
The first year in the New Era has come and gone.

For those interested in the readings and exactitudes of Esoteric Numerology and the real workings of cycles, it needs to be said if but reiterated that the first day of this cycle began on the 1st of December 2011. Hence, the actual calendar year for the period known as the New Era is marked by the 1st day of December, completing its year on the 30th of November, in the year following.

And thus, we are well into the 2nd year of the 2,600 years that will represent this era under its energetically aligned constellation – that known as Aquarius. It may be pertinent here to mention that the approximated time of 2,600 years that represents the energetic span of this cycle also includes the transitional period of the next cycle. This simply means that we will enter into the new cycle sometime in the last 100 years of this current cycle. 

In terms of Esoteric Numerology, the following is presented –

The first day or investiture of the New Era occurred on the following numbers – 01/12/2011. When all the numbers are added up in order to read the overall and presiding energetic impulse, it comes to 8 -- the number of the Soul, expressing forth on the temporal plane. It is no surprise that for over two thousand years, the former period (the Piscean Age) prepared us for the ‘earthing’ of the consciousness of the Soul. The number 8, thus signifying the Era of the Soul, the ‘Soul on Earth’, inaugurates this new cycle, period or era. (Of note for the curious, the Piscean Era energetically began on 12/08/100BCE) = 3 = light = Era of Light, a new light = Christ.

It is important to note that the term ‘New Era’ is a title that carries no greater significance than any other era before or yet to come around, cyclically stated. The word ‘new’ simply denotes the fact of the new and or proceeding cycle that has been entered into, and thus by that signifying the end of a former. Note also that these constellated periods are cyclical by movement, which means there is no real end or beginning as what is left behind, or moved on from, will come around again.

Whilst the horoscope, as most know it, has astral characteristics, usually because of the emotional nature of the body in reflection to it and from it, the most important aspect of a horoscopic cycle is its esoteric quality. This is best explained by the following –

Given that we are a planet that hosts a rather peculiar and very specific type of evolutionary life, which involves an evolutionary path that actually returns to its former and higher point of evolution, and not one that evolves ‘from scratch’ to a higher form of itself, the esoteric, which is the activity of the inner-most, an energetic centre that lives within the form body of this planet, is the defining and central piece of the cycle of evolution itself. (The ‘form body’ refers to the physical body [our human body] that hosts the Etheric spirit in its incarnation. Our ‘inner-most’ is an energetic centre, which is comprised of a group of Nadis that represent what is known as the inner-heart or the light point of the Soul.) For the interested student, this paragraph needs re-reading until it is understood.

Strictly stated, the esoteric defines the word ‘evolution’ as a process of initiations. In a more general and or casual sense it can be esoterically said that our process of evolution is a process or a series of re-awakenings. The esoteric holds the energetic seed or original impulse of who we are and therefore, its version of evolution is but a series of stages where one unfolds (him and herself) back to who and what they truly are. And therefore, it is not a sequence of progressions from naught or scratch to ‘somewhere’ or a place of might or higher ground that is yet to be reached, but the unfolding of a higher point of evolution back to the lowest point of descension away from it. In other words, we return to our Divineness and not exalt ourselves towards it. Hence the ‘peculiarity’ as understood by the temporal mind.

Note – at the point of our highest level of being, we are all equal. We vary (seemingly) only by choice, that is, by choices made in this plane of life.

The esoteric quality of each cycle is determined by two main factors, though many factors make up the leading two. The following will give a brief outline of the two main factors involved.

Factor 1:
The first factor is the level of constellating light we emit as a planet. This is known as the ‘outward’ factor, which also means that it has an outward level of measured tension whereby tension is an energetic pull to where a living body can or, in our case, ought to be, by vibration in relation to the ‘reflection’ it receives and its responsibility in and to the overall arrangement of Universal life. Noting here that one of the ways that planets interrelate is via their emanating quality, that is, through the Law of Reflection they constellate and thus have interaction and hence interdependence.

The quality of the radiating light from Earth back-out is derived/composed from and by the sum total of the quality of expression as lived in the plane of life on it, that is, our plane of life or, how we actually live on Earth. (Every single being plays a responsible, or, as the case might be, an irresponsible role in this outward energetic effect.) Our planetary sum total of expression, that is, that which is thought and or acted on in daily life, is, what can be called - our life-lived energetic quotient. The Law of Reflection, that is, the emanating quality of a higher vibration, will then ‘reflect’ back (back to us) where we ought to be in relation to the hierarchical nature of the Universe. The word ‘hierarchy’ in energetic terms means magnetic pull, which is simply the Divine pre-designed nature and thus law of a higher vibration pulling anything that is not equal to it to be equal to it.

It can therefore be accurately stated that the Universe is hierarchical by nature. The energetic quality of the Universe is evolutionary to unification. And thus, we are pulled-up or towards the vibration that gives birth to the ‘higher’ call or vibration that then follows. If we pull back too far, corrections are required to bring back an acceptable quality of planetary reflection. It is the latter that governs our weather and as such its corrective nature. Science will one day understand this and thus correlate this teaching to then find the corresponding truth in these words that will lead to the proof that the temporal mind requires.

Factor 2:
This factor is of course very related if but totally interdependent to and with the first factor, differing only in the direction where the tension is held. In this factor the tension is ‘inward’. The inward tension is clairsentiently felt and or intuitively known owing to the fact that the body of life does know that it is living less than its original vibration. In this case, illness and disease is the corrective factor and or the needed corrections our body of life needs (as is the true healing nature of our weather for factor 1) in order to clear and discard any excessive energy that does not correspond to the initiating process, that is, to discard that which will retard and or hold back one’s evolution back to who and what we truly are. This process is on-going life after life.

The esoteric, as a science, involves the harmonious balance between the inward and outward tensions, thus providing the knowledge and wisdom that help to navigate the passage of our unfoldment or evolution back to the vibration we originally came from.

The influence and or affect and effect of each cycle:
Energetically, we are constellated to the configuration known as Aquarius. The ‘esoteric’ marks each cycle by its energetic quality and the emanating span of the cycle itself, that is, the period in which it starts to magnetically pull and not just its astronomical alignment. The haggle about the accuracy as to when a cycle begins or ends is left to the appropriate pundits.

By magnetic pull, we are well into the next cycle, known as the Aquarian Era or Age, whilst we move out of the Piscean Era. For a period of about 30 to 40 years we will be under both, though the New Era is the more dominant impulse over us. The transitional period usually creates some upheaval in weather patterns and or in the influence over our quality of health and state of being. This is because we always enter a higher vibration as we cyclically move into each governing period. Each new cycle calls its units (bodies of life) and its plane of life to be ready or, if truth be told, to make sure we are indeed ready in relation to where we ought to be in accordance to and with our destined end point of evolution. When that point is calibrated to be less, corrections are needed to help heal the shortfall.

At the end of each cycle and the beginning of a new, known as the transitional period, both energies play their role to help clear and adjust what is necessary to make up the shortfall should there be one. It is our long history to not be ready as a whole (en masse) when each new cycle has come upon us, thus the upheavals and at times localised cataclysms that have taken place in the history of mankind, as told by the Mayans et al.

At a planetary level, the highest point of tension and thus the greater possibilities of upheaval occur during the transitional period. This is due to the spanning energies as produced by the Law of Magnetic Pull (the energy pulling us up) and the Law of Attraction (the energy holding us back or keeping us down). Due largely to our continued ignorance of what life is truly about, the corrective phase brings an unavoidable effect that affects the transitional period from one cycle to the next. In a more relatable expression, and for the sake of brevity due to the fact that we have already presented the facts in many of our writings and lectures, the period of transition brings about a higher rate of storm and earthquake activity etc as well as a rise in the physiological and physical cleansing our beingness needs to help discard the excessive accumulation of an energy (prana/pranic) that we are not originally from.

For those interested in the actual dates of this current transitional period – we occultly began the New Era cycle in 1986. Esoterically it began in the year 2000 & 2001 (released in two parts) and the actual Cycle began 01/12/11. The Piscean Age/era, under the Law of Attraction, will continue to have an impulse over us until approximately 2041 to 2051. En masse we will determine if it ends sooner than 2041 or if it needs to complete by 2051. Whether one uses the occult point, the esoteric point or the actual point of the new cycle entering our consciousness is a matter for the student and or inquisitor to determine as to the depth of understanding they seek.

(Note - the last sentence is added for the sake of more general or higher truths in the sense that or in the case where there are wider spans and shorter spans to consider and not just the transitional period from one cycle to the next. And, one can say that in-truth and owing to the fact that we are indeed surrounded by celestial arrangements, we are sprinkled or impulsed by all the signs and various planets and never are we not, hence the focus on the more dominant aspects and not its general overcast.)   

Responsibility of life in cycles:
Whilst we will be impulsed by both cycles during the transitional period, each person is predominantly governed by the cycle they are aligned to by choice, noting that some are still impulsed by the cycles before the Piscean Age – Aries and Taurus respectively. The Age or cycle of Capricorn will follow this era.

It will be for most a very challenging concept that we do indeed have an enormous responsibility to live out each Celestial cycle in accordance and in correspondence to the vibration on offer. That said, and without criticism but with a history of reality to call upon, it can be said that most cannot handle the responsibilities of their microcosmic life (all forms of relationships) let alone those that the macrocosmic factors ask of us by and as a result of the hierarchical laws we are all under.

And hence, the subtitle – ‘responsibility of life in cycles’, which is revelatory in that it reveals that we do indeed have an enormous responsibility to play our part in the interactivity of the Universe under the Law of Reflection and the Law of Constellation. This brings the significance of each cycle to the fore, if but a crucial factor we ought to consider wisely and adhere to. 

The significance of the Aquarius constellation, cycle or era, is its particular type of consciousness or ‘energetic pull’. As alluded to above, each and every era or cycle brings with it a new release or, a higher and more evolving aspect to unfold to, noting that our evolution is a series of ‘unfoldments’ back to who and what we truly are and not a venture into a future of an unknown quality.

Each cycle or horoscopic era offers, by magnetic pull, the next phase of unfolding consciousness. This does not occur by imposing its energy onto us, proven by the fact that there are those who are still choosing to be governed by former cycles. It is therefore, a choice as to whether we align or not. And thus stated again -- owing to this factor is the fact that some are still under the consciousness of past cycles, choosing to be governed by the consciousness of old and thus feeling comfortable if not safe or dominated by its ideals and impulses.

As aforementioned, each new constellation, offers a greater level of awareness. Forgetting not that in-truth we are here to return to who we truly are and not by energetic truth to evolve to any new height or sphere of understanding we do not already come from, or, by light, already occupy. This is a truth that many ought to consider.

‘No man or woman is greater than any other’ says the esoteric in its scriptures. This is because we are all heading back to the oneness and or the omnipotence whence we all are originally. That said, as human beings it appears as though there are ‘differences’. It is the Law of Free-Will exercised under the notion of making choices (cognisant) that distinguishes the quality of life and embodied character, as we humanly know those experiences to be. And hence, the particularity of the energy/light and or consciousness that so underpins each and every new cycle or era.

The key of each cycle or era is thus governed by what will accelerate unification or, ‘equalling-out’. This is to be noted well, for what truly defines any celestial cycle at its core, is its one-unifying affect and effect. Whether this is felt, accepted and used wisely, or not and thus rejected, is a matter of choice, leaving each and every individual to operate as they wish.

Energetic responsibility –
Making choices about the governing energies:
Greater than ‘freedom of speech’ is the right to make choices, especially, energetic choices. That said, and an ancient teaching at that, most are not as aware that they make energetic choices well before they make what they will assume and or call – making a choice.

The truth is that we make energetic choices well before we think, speak or act. ‘Making choices’ is the right of each individual and removing it incurs the greatest form of Karma. That said, and reiterated for the purpose of re-awakening, most do not know or are not aware they are in fact making energetic choices all of the time. And as mentioned, well before one thinks, speaks or acts, an energetic choice has been made.

These facts have long been the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. Such teachings were well presented by Pythagoras, and made more accessible to the wider seeking student by Patanjali. Knowing the difference between spirit and Soul is the defining moment that ensures the student the awareness and the supervening know-how of the process of choosing energy or consciousness before one is what they are going to be … in every way. And hence, the teaching – ‘you are what you are energetically aligned to’ ~ SB.

Though it follows, by Energetic Law, that you are what you choose to energetically align to, it is a choice made in its usual frame in time, as time is cyclically known, where the individual stands grouped as she and he are, and thus makes a choice as to what group they will draw thought and consciousness from. Note well that there are only two to choose from, and then, the sub-groups within those two that he/she will then belong to by choice. This brings forth a great revelation, for no one is ever in-truth an individual, we are always under group consciousness.

Yes, it can be said that as far as the human consciousness is concerned, one appears and or assumes to stand-alone when making choices; choices made in what appears to be one’s mind. But this is not energetically so, is at least not in-truth what actually occurs. And yes there is enormous pride to protect by those who believe and or think they stand-alone and make choices, but he/she do not ever stand alone, for that is not possible in a world and for that matter a Universe where its medium is an inescapable stream of impulsed life-force … known as ‘energy’.

As there is no true individuality or ‘aloneness’, individuality is in the temporal realm a seeming reality that to the naked eye seems real to the point of an assumed proof or absolute proof as it is to the mentally dominated. Physically speaking, we can stand not touching any other and rightly claim that that is a fact, that is, that we are not ‘touching’ any other person or object as it may be the case in question. But this temporally assumed if but claimed factor is a fact that is entirely based on perception and not in-truth made fact by right and true science.

You are not you by the boundaries of your physical presence.
Because ‘everything is energy’ you are energy and therefore you are bigger, wider and interconnected to more than you can see, that is, as we can for now see as human beings; a factor that will in the future change as we re-awaken and restore etheric vision. Some can see the fact that we are all interconnected now, whilst many more can feel it so.

Regardless of how many words can be written to tell it otherwise, it is for now an accepted reality that we are or can be individuals. And whilst there is a point where we are indeed making an individuated choice, it is still at best a reality only on this plane of life that has made individuality a seemingly real reality. That said, there are choices being made on other co-existing planes of life that for now cannot be proven to the satisfaction of what we to-date call science or ‘scientific proof’.

What does this all reveal?

It reveals that -- we are playing individualism in a playground where it is impossible to be an individual. This factor holds many answers to our ills and woes. And it is this revelation that directly relates to the cycles or celestial eras we are placed under, for each one is specifically designed to bring us closer to the unseen world we cannot in this form yet see, but in fact do come from.

And that is still not all, for we have here only touched upon the physicality of the temporal world. This means that not only are you not ever in-truth standing as an individual, but neither are your thoughts only yours, for they too belong to a series or group of thoughts that others share, have also thought and or ‘tap’ into from time to time. And whilst it can be claimed, that is, assumed by right mind, that your thoughts are your thoughts, it is nothing more than a presumed perception simply because in your mind you are made to perceive that it is only you thinking what you are thinking. This revelation is mentioned simply because the subject of individualism is at its illusional pinnacle when the subject of thought or thinking is in question. 

Our current reality would have us believe to the point of perceived absoluteness that we are free to hold in our mind whatever one wishes and or desires, and that because this is the assumed absolute perception, we think and believe we are at that moment individually free to think as we wish. But this is not the case. And, when we become more open to the fact that not only is everything energy, but that it all occurs because of energy, we will know that 1) we are not ever individuals and 2) we are not by energetic fact the free-thinkers we assume we are simply because all of our thoughts are given to us by an energy (grouped consciousness) that provides the range of thinking in the first place, as it also proves the level of awareness and thus the level of perception we will have.

The man who stands in the Soul’s consciousness will know this to be true whilst he/she who stands in the only other consciousness (spiritual or pranic) will not only be impulsed to not be aware of the fact but denounce it if but decree against it. It is this that has so separated mankind for aeons. The underlying issue is therefore in one’s awareness and not what one claims to know in their mind, for the latter (the mind) is but an instrument of the group consciousness one aligns to. May this be known more generally.  

This part of the New Year’s message concludes with the following revelation –

It is understood that those who are governed by the consciousness that allows individualism to be the perceived notion and or stance, will detest such revelation. For them, the perceived might of assumed free-choice and speech is a might they hold dearly … holding it tight so as to hold what helps to numb the pain of separation from Soul. It is part of the illusion as offered by the pranic impulse of such a consciousness that he/she who stands as an individual is actually standing in the deepest pain that so holds them in the offending consciousness they are then impulsed to protect and express. The right to individuality is fought for but that in itself is derived from a form of spiritual pain not yet admitted, and thus much less consciously known in the temporal world. And so it is for those who choose, consciously or un-consciously, the energy or consciousness of physical form or materialism.

In contrast, but equally as a brother and sister, stands the seeming individual who knows him and or herself to not be so, that is, to not ever stand as an individual. And hence, no matter where they stand, they know themselves to be part of the whole, constantly and inescapably… and likewise express with energetic responsibility. 

What we have thus presented, on the subject of choosing consciousness to bring awareness and a level of thought and understanding, is in fact the offerings of the era we have just ended, though not completed. Eras and or cycles come and go, though they never stop co-existing; however, the main pertinent factor is not so much the era or cycle we are in, but the evolution on offer, and that must take place within the individuated body that made itself individuated within the whole that has no energetically true individuation. May true science show us the way.

Well-being –
One of the measures of our evolutionary process
The subject, science and the revelation of the true characteristics of our well-being, is, or plays, a significant factor in determining the actual point or quality of where we stand in our evolutionary path.

The true state of our wellness, esoterically defined, is but a simple measure of our actual development under the evolutionary path we are on.

Whether we reference the use of the word ‘evolution’ or ‘point in evolution’ to define, indicate or be based on a temporal perspective, meaning that it is a measurable advance from a lesser point, that is, from the apes to homo sapiens or from Adam to ‘modern man’, or, whether it is an esoteric point of reference whereby we are measured by our return back to Soul, the subject and or science of how well we truly are is nevertheless an ultra defining and or very revealing impress of our juncture in the cyclical nature of our evolutionary process.

Being well and exactly what we mean when we use the word ‘well’ has much to offer if but reveal on where we stand as far as our developed intelligence and wisdom is concerned.

The subject of well-being itself is the measurable factor of the consciousness that so prevails. And its science is the defining detail of that consciousness. The revelation is thus derived from the quality of how we define the word ‘well’ and from there determine the quality of our beingness.

It is therefore imperative that at any time in our evolutionary period, we hold the word ‘well’ to mean if not indicate the highest form of health/wellness we sensibly can attain.

It is not sensible to theorise a level of health that cannot be attained given the structures of our society, as it is equally not wise to assume one from false measures or pretences. However, should it be discovered that the level of true wellness is indeed a lesser state than that of our former societies, it is then a case of –

a.    An ignorance and or an arrogance we cannot afford to sustain

and …

b.    Nothing but a revelation of the ill of the systems and structures themselves.

On this note, we ought to examine where we stand with the word or term wellbeing. And, in other words -- how truly well is humanity?

Wellbeing –
Today, it means to be 'well' in comparison to what and how we know another to be who is much worse. We reference or, compare our state of being to an experience or on another we may know is much worse than we are. We therefore could be doing 'well' if we have a nagging sore back and are a type 2 diabetic with perhaps a bad knee that also restricts movement -- so long as we do not have AIDS or a terminal illness. The obvious but not always admitted truth is that such a person is not well at all. And nor was it considered ‘well’ some 15 to 20 years ago to carry a string of ill conditions so long as they were not too serious or ‘terminal’.

It is important to define being well, wellness and thus well-being by a measure that is free of the ills of society.

Being multi-symptomatic is today more common than it was not that long ago. If this is the growing trend, we must not accept a lesser form of what we will deem as being well. The growing incidence of illness and disease should not ever be a referenced direct or indirect counter marker to what we will deem our quality of wellness.

The rise of cancer and other forms of more grave conditions have obfuscated and or pushed the level of 'well' or ‘wellbeing’ down to mean much, much less than it once did. In deeper reflection, it could be said that this is an indictment of a society that is losing its integrity, both in expression and in its true health. If this is not exposed and reversed, it will lead to a deeper trough of what will be deemed 'being well' in comparison to others and or other circumstances rather than the term 'wellbeing' defining and or describing the truth of the person at hand or in question. Further consequences of such a trough could arise situations where one may be hesitant if not concealing should they indeed ‘be well’, that is, a strong reservation to say they are well in the face of a society that has lost sense of being-well and what that really means and entails.

Our beingness has its own knowing of what well is. It is quite normal to complain about a nagging hip or knee or sore back. And one should make such a complaint, as the complaint itself leads to the seeking of medical diagnosis, treatment etc. However, if we subvert our natural expression to complain about what we innately know is not right or natural and negate such expressions with a language that avoids the focus on what is not truly well, we are subjugating truth and creating a much lower level of what life is or could be. If this self-negation suffuses unchecked, we will have a given-up mentality that is well below the richness and the embracing of life as it being one that is worth embracing and living richly, that is, endorsing a good life worth living well.

If we describe 'wellbeing' in comparison to what is not well instead of what the merging of those two words bring to us as a species in expression, we will plunge if not deviate further away into a race of beings that merely function or exist rather than the gaiety of old and the exuberance of a life that is naturally there and waiting to be lived. 

'Self-love = greater self-care & nurturing, naturally so'

And –

'Well-being starts with well-within'

May you enjoy the New Era in the ways that joy will come to you.

With Atmic love,
Serge Benhayon