New Year’s Message 2014

New Year’s Message for 2014

The revelation of why we live in cycles

Many use the ‘New Year’ period or fixture as a time to reflect. That reflection can be casual, one that remarks or quips about the year past and the one to come or, it can be a deep consideration that leaves one truly contemplating what has occurred and what has not.

Whether it is a casual glance, a light consideration or a deep reflection, there is usually a varying degree of renouncing what one would not like for the year ahead, which is then followed or countered by an utterance that avows a new way forward. This usually entails the letting go of something that one has identified was not right as well as the sounding out of a wish for a better, more prosperous and or healthier year ahead.

Whatever it is for each person, whether the consideration is light or deep, the influencing circumstance of experiencing what we deem as an ending period instigates an age-old practice that has the human being reflecting on the period that was, and in counter or likeness, what the ensuing period could be.

From the yet to be released book ‘Time, Space and all of us’, we can draw on the subject of this age-old practice. As such, the following is presented --

Every generation is asked to look back and consider by reflection where they stand. This philosophical posture is an ancient tradition that is based on the fact that time is a marker that indicates and details a circular or cyclical movement. Therefore, by immutable truth and unchangeable factors, we are asked if our turn around the Sun has brought true evolution or not. Many cultures understood the true meaning of this planetary movement, that is, what it personally reflected and what it globally defined as a result.

The tradition of measuring cycles, whether it is year long or ascertained by another chosen sequence, still exists in every society today, differing only by the point that is chosen to mark the year-to-year end or cyclical register.

In relation to our past, and in particular, to certain cultures, traditions or differing knowledge, a more important and perhaps more telling distinction defined the magnitude and the quality used by way of the reflection.

In the past, the cycle under review was considered from a grander observation, a more far-reaching deliberation that specified the evolutionary posture the cycle reflected. In more recent times, a period defined within the last 2,000 years, this tradition has become a somewhat lesser note.

In affect, and in regard to the ‘lesser note’ we make of what is in-truth an epic and very crucial periodical setting for us to study, learn and adjust, promulgate or discard accordingly, the act of reflecting on a year-to-year cycle is abridged to what is known as a mere ‘New Year’, an event that is celebrated as if some achievement, advancement and or relief has been gained, followed by the usual utterance that is associated with that casual register -- the ‘new year’s resolution’.

Whether we practise the ancient tradition of taking each cycle as a very telling and solemn marker, or whether we adopt a more casual fling with the same depth and magnitude on offer, the recognition of a ‘New Year’ and the tradition of identifying its unstoppable roster, remains affixed by the unchangeable mechanistic movement of our planet and by the factor that we still base our life around this ageless cycle.

As mentioned, the ‘New Year’ for many is nothing more than a very personal reflection. Usually, that reflection entails a very sobering reconsideration that is customarily brought about by the exhaustiveness of one’s year--long output. Good, bad or indifferent, the end of year is a register that is felt by all, differing only in the level of responsiveness to its true nature and thus what each person makes of it.

Eventually, like all our evolutionary cycle predicates, we will return to ancient traditions. The cycle that is offered by each orbit around the Sun ought not to be diluted away from the depth of reflection it posits for each and every one of us, as well as for us all as the collective we are and cannot avoid.

When we eventually return to living as did our ancestors, each orbit around the Sun, a cycle we cannot avoid, will become, that is, will be significant for what it is there to do – to offer a group reflective account of where we stand as a species in relation to the right and true advancement or development of all, equally so.

That we will return to living in a manner that is encompassing of all that is so obviously there for us to encompass, is a matter of and for the cyclical nature of our evolution itself. In other words, it is inevitable that we will return to our most ancient roots and the learned traditions that were based on larger than life facts we have tended to ignore, as our focus became more individuated and hence more centralised on the needs of self and the comforts that that type of self demanded.

Our future is about us returning to who we truly are. 
It is not about going somewhere into the unknown.

The ‘esoteric’, in its true meaning and hence in its true nature, defines the current or more common known self as a wayward consciousness that will think and act waywardly or insubordinately until such time that the self is seen as a constituent of a factual living body that contains the self as an equal member of all others living and contributing to the whole of all units of the same self.

If one were to assume or contemplate an esoteric posture in relation to the ‘New Year’ phenomenon, or the ‘year’-long cycle and its ‘end’ and ‘start’ dates, there would be, by the nature of the science that constitutes what we call the esoteric, an in-depth reflection of the energetic quality of one’s true state of being in relation to their unfolding development back to their Soul, an evolutionary process known as the Science of Initiation. In other words, what in-truth is one’s energetic state of being in relation to how much of their Soul has been lived by the end of year marker? Put simply, if the reflection is esoteric, it will be the corresponding and all-encompassing energetic quality that will define the way in which one has chosen to live within the cycle that is being appraised, in this case, one orbit around the Sun – what we more commonly call ‘one year’.

Aside from an esoteric perspective, most fall into what is called the temporal standpoint or evaluation, which entails things like cutting your losses and moving onward and or cutting out what does not work in order to have a better life. One may declare that this view is more real and or practical. However, such a stance would only indicate ignorance of the fact that the esoteric is very temporally practical as it is equally sensible, philosophical, deeply comprehending and all-encompassing of the energetic, cyclical and metaphysical factors of life. That said, the temporal view, though forever deepening, is for now the more common bearing throughout our societies everywhere.

A potential for a deeper analysis of our relationship with a one-year cycle:

By way of example and in its most basic form, it can be said that -- an exhausted end of year, would clearly signify that one is living in and or by a lineal thrust or compulsion. This is not difficult to comprehend – if you feel tired or exhausted by the end of the year, your body is showing you the way in which you have conducted yourself and itself, that is, you and your entire body, throughout the year.

If by the ‘year end’ you are tired, exhausted, or in contrast rejuvenated, your cycle is lineal: meaning that your body has been propelled by a forward movement or impulse that has a start and end that are dictated by the direction of the movement; in this case, a forward movement that is marked by a starting date that has an affixed ending or marker that ends its physical and cognisant register.

Note also that a ‘year end’ does not just apply to the more common register that occasions the first day of January to the last day of December: it can be March to March or 1st July to the 30th June as is the ‘Financial Year’ in Australia.

What is on offer now to consider deeply, or much later in our evolution if we so choose, is that -- the lineal manner in which most live or think as the way to live has a dis-harmonious effect on our body. This has yet to be appropriately acknowledged even though it has been esoterically known for thousands of years.

The human body does not have a start and end point outside its seeded formation and its eventual and inevitable end, called by many one’s ‘death’. Aside from the fact that we all know the human body has indeed a physical start (foetus to birth) and an end (‘death’), we can say that by virtue of the fact that we are not all born on the 1st January, and we do not, some time in the so-called future, eventually die on a date marked the 31st December, that attuning your mental and physiological life to those dates, effectively accustoming your life to a lineal cycle that is not lineal at all, would at least produce a discordance if not a deleterious effect on your body.

Stop and consider what is here presented, and that is that – operating your life, and as such your body, according to a lineal movement that is not lineal, is proposed as it having an ill affect, not only on the body itself but our psychological relationship with life.

For example – if you feel and thus register being tired, exhausted or more irritable etc by the end of the year, you have effectively lived in a lineal manner, which is to say that you are applying a straight line to a circle, or more precisely, a fixed start and end to an interminable elliptical movement.

The revelatory point here if not the very exposing misnomer, is that –

If you are indeed tired and or exhausted by the year’s end, who is to say that there is a true new start by resting and launching oneself into the New Year or that the exhaustion from last year is not the same as the one you are feeling 12 months later?

In other words –

Does the exhaustion truly end or are we masking it by the act of a new propulsion, a mental re-launch that will only register its true state of being when we give it permission to, once a year, at what we assume is its end?

The second question asks us to be totally honest. And thus, it leads to the following self-enquiry –

Is it true that we rest and begin anew, truly rejuvenated or, is it merely a mental re-launch that embraces another year to endure the ‘known’, the ‘whatever’ and the ‘unknown’?

If this is the case, we are not in-truth resting and beginning afresh, but sustaining a merry-go-round that has in-truth lost its zest and verve save the sugar, the caffeine and the multitude of distracting and entertaining treats we use to get through the next cycle, what we call a ‘year’.

This is worth considering because ‘getting through’ the year--long period does not mean that you are truly ‘well’ or ‘healthy’. Getting through the year does not truly signify anything other than the fact that you got to another marker, that is, got through the year or to another year.

Of great note it should be said that being ’truly well’ and or ‘truly healthy’ is not a state of being that is defined by the lack of debilitating symptoms or conditions; it is a known definition that is derived from real vitality, one that is naturally offered by the body and expressed likewise, and not one that comes from a drive or from a stimulant we ingest. Again, this is worth noting, and as such, worth deeply considering.

In addition to the assessment of whether we are indeed truly rested, reinvigorated and ready to live in and throughout the cycle that is approaching us (another year ahead), there are crucial factors that have long been ignored. Our body lives to a rhythmic cycle. Our health is therefore a rhythmic cycle within the cycles we live in. This is not a common discussion let alone thought or consideration.

Is it possible, that by living in discordance to how life truly works, it would result in dis-ease or ill health simply because we are out of sync with how it all actually operates?

The above question is geared towards the ancient teaching of a possible undergarment to our ill-health, a revelation that reveals that there is a greater more universal form of medicine to re-discover. That is –

Is it possible that underneath the self-neglecting lifestyle choices that are responsible for many of our illness and disease conditions, there is, underlying, a rhythm or pattern that is out-of-rhythm to and with a rhythm we ought to be in accordance with?

If this is so, and Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Philosophy and Esoteric Medicine state that it is indeed one of the main underlying problems of society, there is then a needed call to re-evaluate and hence seek greater wisdom and knowledge in regard to what in-truth will constitute a right way of living given the fact that we are surrounded by planets and live on a planet that are entirely based on a series of inescapable cycles and rhythms that are not only constant but repetitive by the act of their cyclical nature.

We all know that approximately two thirds of the planet we live on experiences an endless series of cycles known as the ‘four seasons’– Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The geography that pertains to the equator experiences what is known as a ‘Wet Season’ and a ‘Dry Season’ as do the land masses at each polar end of the planet experience their own dual-seasonal contrast due to the tilt of the earth’s axis and the postural relationship that this produces with regard to how the planet faces the Sun as it orbits it.

It is understood that within these ‘seasonal’ cycles certain patterns can affect what is deemed normal or expected, that is, there can be very warm to ‘summery’ hot conditions in early Spring as there can be an extended ‘wintery’ cold that drifts well into mid to late of the said season before Summer offers its expected warmer climate. Likewise, we can have colder winters and or hotter or cooler summers than those previously experienced.

Aside from the known and experienced variances, whether they are light or extreme, the cycles remain unchanged. In addition, we have the Full Moon cycles as well as the fact of the constellation of the stars that offer a Horoscopic/Zodiacal alignment that is also cyclical, that is, returning or re-occurring.

All in all, the events that are here mentioned clearly detail and define the fact that we are living on a planet that is entirely founded on cycles. In other words, we live and hence will be affected and governed by movements that are endlessly circular or elliptical, and therefore, ceaselessly re-occurring.

The fact is -- we are living and surrounded by a cyclical motion that entails a series of ceaseless fixtures; differing not by event but by energetic detail in accordance to what is needed in our evolutionary prowess.

The repetitive or re-occurring nature of these events is unalterable, and they are so for a very specific reason; a reason that is by fact specific to our unique form of evolution where evolution is the expansive nature of a consciousness to re-turn to its higher former order.

It is worth considering what the Ageless Wisdom teaches on the subject of evolution. And that is that it details the fact that -- our evolution is a movement back to what and who we truly are rather than a forward movement to what or who we may be.

This revelation and the teaching that comes with it ought to be deeply considered and not so easily discarded given that we live entirely surrounded by movements and events that come back to themselves, over and over again.

In affect, and by way of service, the offered revelation and teaching of this New Year’s Message ask us to look at the real picture more closely. Symbolically portrayed we do not live like this ---

2012 ----------------------------------- 2013
2013 ----------------------------------- 2014
2014 ----------------------------------- 2015 etc

Diagram: We Live in Cycles, Universal Medicine

Can't see an image above? Download the Diagram as a PDF here

And thus, there are no straight lines or in-truth a start or finish, but a factor of cyclical living that we have yet to realise is a fact, and a factor we cannot escape.

Life is cyclical.
And it is purposely so.

From physical formation to the physical body’s end and beyond, to then begin all over again, it is a cycle and, a very deliberate one. Human life is ceaseless by an energetic law known as the ‘Law of Magnetic Pull’, a pull that is entirely based on a specific form of evolution. Conveniently ignorant to the real meaning of evolutionary and energetic responsibility is he or she who does not sensibly consider that re-incarnation is a perfect fixture of our very specific form of evolution. As it is said, by those who know and hence fully understand the Science of Re-incarnation: – you re-incarnate whether you believe in it or not.

Aside from the fact of re-incarnation, a fact that becomes more easily apparent when the cyclical nature of life and the fact of our knowing-knowingness are not so casually or deliberately dismissed by the usual intellectual limitations that are founded on convenient assumptions, there is a real case to stop and consider the cyclical factual nature of life, and thus, the ill health affect it has on living it otherwise, that is, on living it lineally.

Is it possible to live cyclically and still mark a start and an end that do not have a lineal effect on one’s body?

The answer is a resounding yes. However, one needs to understand that –

The temporal or measuring method or application to the cycle they choose to register by a starting and ending point, will be one that is in-truth lived cyclically or, in affect, it is in fact start-less and end-less, whilst they apply practical and physical start and end markings to the designed activities within the cycle.

This simply means that you can have a day or month that you mark as a beginning and a day or month you mark as its end, but the period you define can only offer a capture or a specific definition within a ceaseless or on-going cycle, and not in-truth a start and an end. And therefore, the period you wish to define can be used as a marker within the cycle, which if used wisely, will denote if not reveal what needs changing or adjusting, so long as you know that the changes and the adjustments do not end by the markers you have set but by truly or completely changing and or adjusting them.

This may sound too obvious or too simplistic but it is not when one considers that many assume that a year-end or a cycle--end brings an ending itself, when in-truth it does not.

The teachings and revelations of this New Year Message propose, amongst much that is revealed, that –

We ought to consider that -- what we do in one year, or in any cycle we choose to measure, will be, by the fact of energetic forces and the momentums they occasion, still going around with us in the following year or cycle if we have not entirely stopped or dropped any aspect of that which we no longer want to have. And this specifically includes any associated activity that may differ but not truly be different. In affect, not only are you affected by your choices, but also are all of us by what you live as a result of those choices, which is to say -- we are all affected by what you bring around with you for us all to experience as we in turn go around and around with you.

This then reveals why we live in cycles: effectively, why we are living in and by a repetitive motion. And this is because we have the right to choose as we see and feel it, until such time that we live enough of those choices to know and understand that the right to choose what to think, how to act and hence how to live, entails the laws of Energetic Responsibility and Energetic Integrity, which simply means that all of your choices have an effect on all that is … and there is nothing that is not part of the all that is.

To what extent you define and understand what the above last two paragraphs teach and reveal, or any aspect of this year’s message, is by right, a personal choice.

Presented in and by the livingness that founds me,
and as a forever student of the Ageless Wisdom,
Serge Benhayon