New Year's Message 2015

New Year’s Message 2015

We cannot begin this New Year Message without referencing the previous communication, which, when understood, will clearly define the cyclical nature of human life and the manner and way of being that governs our entire life, whether we like it or not. And this is precisely why this topic and its factors are being presented, for we have a long way to go to making what is true our reality once again.

But before we unfold this message and it beginning with questions that advance the reality of our mechanistic movements and the energetic meanings and as such the energetic effects they bring to every aspect of human life, we are to dedicate a small preamble that will highlight an obvious that for some may not be so obvious.

Since inauguration we have called these communications the ‘New Year’s Message’. However, it is very clear from the knowledge, wisdom and the information presented that the author is well aware that there is no real ‘new year’ rather that it is in fact just another round of the mechanistic cycle we unalterably belong to. This is obvious from what is written in all our ‘New Year Messages’ given that they clearly describe the cyclical nature of life and as such there is no real new anything only an opportunity to make true and sustain what one chooses is loving and wise in one’s life or to not repeat what one does not want as part of the merry-go-round. Yes, since 1999 the author has been presenting on the facts of our evolutionary reality and the energetic consequences these have over every aspect of our lives.

In casual phraseology it can be said that, we all are, after all, on an endless merry-go-round. Indeed, and no different to the amusement ride we all know as the ‘merry-go-round’, we are endlessly orbiting the sun. Just like the ride, you can change from one horse or unicorn or whatever you choose as your pole-affixed icon to the next. Or you can journey the whole duration of the ride on the representation of your chosen liking. Of course, this is symbolic of the reality, for when you finish your ride and hop off you are still on the merry-go-round we are all on. Planet earth is on one big endless merry-go-round, and we have been hopping on and off, many times, for a very, very long time and will continue to do so until such time that we live the love and intelligence we truly are and by that clear all of the energetic imprints that we have created by not living and expressing our true intelligence.

And therefore, from all that you read from this author, be it in these missives or from the thus far released books, it is clearly known that there is not only no real New Year in the sense that the last is left behind and magically a new one begins, there is, as aforementioned, no real new anything. This factor was also made very real by describing in a previous message how if you are tired at the end of the year you are only feeling what you have carried around with you and in fact not feeling it just because you assume it is the end of the year. The choice to let go and feel gives you the feeling. It does not come because it is the end of the year, for in-truth there is no end or start to an endless elliptical path.

But, in spite of the fact that there is no end or start, it is by all means right to declare a starting point, and because we do, there will be its end as we approach it. Again, this occurs not because it actually starts and ends but because we are declaring a commencement date and moving around back to it. In affect, as stated, and as the proceeding core message will tease out of you, we are moving back to whatever starting point we so deem is the inaugurational mark.

Yes, it is crucial that we get our head around the fact that we move backwards and not forward. This is indeed a crucial factor we must contend with and eventually fully endorse, for our very specific form of evolution is all geared around the fact that we are returning to who we truly are and as such our whole mechanistic way of life is designed to make us return again and again, over and over until such time that we learn that all that we do matters to such an extent that every single thought adds to the whole experience of the all we are and of the all we are part of.

For the majority, at least for now, this level of responsibility is far too much to contend with – that a single thought can affect us all and the all we all belong to. But as the cycles unfold us back and hence closer to who we truly are, we will once again awaken the levels of intelligence we long ago relinquished in order to enter a realm that was dimensionally much less than our true evolutionary path was designed to be. And so, for now this may be for the general populace just purely fantastic hogwash, though as life becomes more intense the naysayers will be coming back to the ancient and unwavering teachings that stem from the Ageless Wisdom.



Could the inordinate rise in illness and disease across the globe have some connection to the fact that -- our way of life and all that that means is not being lived cyclically?

Could the roots of our illnesses, and particularly our ill mental health, have a connection or rather a genesis in the fact that we are not adjusting our way of being so that psychologically we understand that we are living in a manner that is designed for us to experience all that we need to in order to evolve by making wiser choices?

Is it possible that it is un-healthy to live lineally?

Yes, is it un-healthy to live or plan ahead in such a way that assumes that any part of life be left behind without knowing or rather choosing to ignore the fact that human life is in fact a way of life that is constantly returning to itself.

What if, as the true esoteric teachers well know, our bodies are designed to live cyclically and hence to live them in any other way is pure and utter discordance, a disagreement that the body has to adjust to by discarding any lived manner that is not in accord with its pre-designed and hence immutable cyclical nature?

These questions officially open the orbit or cycle that will be known as 2015. They are posed from one who knows the answers. However, the questions are not dictatorial in any way. Instead they are posited for you to be able to consider for yourself what is not generally if rarely asked of you to ruminate.

That said, and you the reader may want to visit or re-visit the previous message, there is still a very strong propulsion to consider life as being lived as a forward movement. And you may not consider it an issue, but it is, for you cannot in-truth propel your body and your psyche to live in a certain way when that way is actually not how life is in fact geared to be lived, by nature and by evolutionary design. Of course, you can propel your body to live contrary to the way it is geared to be innately and essentially lived, for we have done just that and the majority have, do and will continue to do so for some time yet, albeit, with the unremitting detriment and the constant uphill battle-like feel and tension this brings.

The central point is that there is a fact. Indeed there are quite a few facts to consider. But in this case it is a very pertinent standout fact that relates to how we psychologically approach life as a whole. And so, it may not seem important but when it is fully considered it will be understood how detrimentally impactful it has been to live contrary to what is actually taking place.

The facts are the facts and the gigantic white dinosaur that is sitting on our laps is telling us that our perpetual movement around the sun is not forward at all but cyclical or rather elliptically interminable, showing, not so curiously, that it is not a forward movement at all but a return or backward movement the moment one leaves any chosen mark.

Yes, these facts need to be entirely deliberated and grasped accordingly, as it may just turn out, like it has been stated, that our physical and mental health depend on them, or rather, are largely determined by them.

The facts to consider:

The moment you choose a starting point along any path of the earth’s trajectory around the sun, you have in fact chosen the following –

  1. In affect you are choosing what we have deemed is a date, be it whatever spot you so choose. And this is because the entire orbit is broken up into the number of days it takes to circle the sun – 365 ¼ days.
  2. Once the spot is chosen and by that you have chosen a date, you will effectively only hold that spot or date for 24 hours. Put simply – whatever the spot or date you commence on, you are no longer affixed to it, for you are unavoidably moving to the next day, which for the endless trajectory is nothing more than the next juncture.
  3. That movement, that is, the move to what is deemed as the next day, which is in fact not a true new day but the same 24-hour rotational planetary movement that is occurring along the elliptical path, is now a movement back to the spot you had chosen. Yes, every day, thereafter, of the original mark you chose as your commencement date, is a day back to it.

This is not an issue or a play of semantics but a very deliberate teaching that reveals not only the truth of what is actually going on, and it cannot be changed, but the fact that it is not a forward movement. It is in fact a backward one, a definition that has its roots in our very specific and true form of evolution.

Put simply, and with an ancient esoteric teaching at hand:

It is not a forward movement that takes you back to the same spot. It is a backward movement that asks you to consider your choices over the cycle it has covered.

In affect, you are moving back to cover all that you have chosen to be, think and express. And we all do this over and over life after life until such time that, what we choose to be, think and express, equals exactly the sphere we live in.

And when this occurs, that is, when what we express equals exactly the sphere we live in, we each, and eventually as a species, reach a point known as Co-creation.

When we return to expressing from the energy we are originally from, it is said that we are in Co-creation and no longer are we in creation.

The above teaching is as old as incarnation itself. It is an imparting that is immutable by fact. And, although it is a very ancient conveying, it is today a teaching that is very rarely known, lost to our current form of intelligence due to the focus on the physicality of life (an Aristotelian influence) at the expense of the esoteric philosophical form of intelligence (a Pythagorean impress) which is inclusive of the two whereas the Aristotelian physical is deliberately exclusive of its predecessor.

But, even with the ease of the ancient teaching brought to the fore once again, it will not be so easy to let go of the very entrenched misconception. Yes, the strict physicality of life is hard to argue against. But the central point here is that there is no argument against it. What is presented has full respect towards all that is temporal and corporeal. This is not in question. What is in question are the factors that we have left out in favour of the intelligence that seeks concrete evidence in a world that clearly shows there is more to life than can be physically explained or proven. Therefore, the corporeal is assigned its rightful proportion, which simply means that it is not held as the only form of reality. This is the balance that the Ageless Wisdom sensibly proposes; a balance that was lost many cycles ago, which by numerous indications has proven to be a significant loss for our species as a result.

Consider that we have had, and currently do have, on a temporal level, the greatest and most advanced forms of conventional medicine that have ever existed on this planet. But, and taken into account the specific advancements in the last 50 years, we have yet to curb the inordinate growth of illness and disease. In fact, we ought to humbly look at the evidentiary reality that clearly indicates that, despite our greater knowledge of ‘science’, ‘medicine’, genetics, biology and nutrition, obesity at dangerous levels is on the rise; obesity is joined by diabetes and, in spite of the billions spent on cancer research, respectfully and sadly said, it too is on the rise. Yes, sadly, these maladies are occurring everywhere. The point being, and the author is clearly showing advocacy and deep respect for conventional medicine, that something is very evidently missing.

If the best minds in the world cannot solve a problem, and it, the setback, is showing that it is getting worse, that is, it is escalating, then we need to examine what exactly is missing from the ‘best minds’, collectively or singularly, that cannot keep up or match the problem at hand; especially the global problem of obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease to name but very few of our world-wide dilemmas.

What is missing is in fact not hard to find but few are willing to be humble enough to concede that our current form of intelligence has no answers only solutions. Again, we need to bring back the Ageless Wisdom. Not as a substitute but as a complete complementary partner to temporal based intelligence. When this occurs we will humbly unite to discuss what exactly are the global implications of the teaching that states that – “everything is energy, and therefore everything is because of energy”, and … ‘everything that happens has happened because an energy has made it happen’ ~ (Serge Benhayon ca.1999).

In the book, An Open Letter to Humanity, written by the author, we are all asked to consider what cannot be ignored. But mostly, it is an appeal to unite and sensibly discuss the ancient teachings as plausible considerations that can offer much about life’s unanswered and age-old dilemmas.

Are we to argue or are we to come together for the sake of addressing what is happening to humanity, everywhere?

The answer should come from those who are directly and indirectly affected by the impact of illness and disease and not exclusively from those who are defenders of what ought not to be defended but opened up for sensible discussion.

Owning the conversation does not advance humanity.

There is a beckoning question here if not an already evident answer:

Have we gone the wrong way, and as such followed the wrong form of thinking by excluding our ancient teachings in favour of the exclusively tangible evidence?

Quantum Physics at the very least keeps telling us to stay open to the all we have yet to know whereas some quarters that call themselves ‘science’ seek a closed door to that which is not tangible, albeit, playing down if not conveniently ignoring the real and actual results and human impact this type of ignorance has brought to the world.

Thus the purpose of these cyclic messages has never been about anything other than proposing a re-think of all that is still there surrounding us albeit not made cognisant, i.e. not made our more conscious reality and thus the truths we need to know. And hence, the purpose of these messages – to present on the subject of our actual planetary and as such human movement in order to show, even if minuscule by comparison to the all we are ignoring, that we are very far from what is the truth. And yes, it is a grand exposé of our ignorance but more so it is an offering to show that there is another intelligence that has its equal place in our world. The two forms of intelligence combined is our future. One without the other will leave us half short of our true wisdom.

Revealing how our current form of intelligence is only half smart:

The impetus to consider life outside its seemingly lineal make-up is somewhat difficult for the many who are part of its enthral. And this is due to the fact that we are bombarded by almost every angle and means that it is lineal when in fact it is not. You only have to state and or follow the idiom – ‘happy new year’, jovial and innocuous as it may seem, to see how we are not only ignoring the fact that it is not in-truth a new year but that we are being influenced to ignore it. The real impact of this grand misconception has yet to be fathomed. Perhaps it is for now too much to fathom from the point of view of having to swallow the -- I’ve been deeply fooled pill.

Again, the trajectory of our life and hence our evolutionary path is in fact cyclical, circular or ellipsoid and not rectilinear.

With regard to addressing the word ‘forward’ and it directing (pun cheekily intended) if not dominating the manner in which we then draw our erroneous perception, it needs to be said that if we are to observe what we could deem the underpart of the entire elliptical movement around the sun it would certainly look like it is a forward movement.

Put simply – place a mark on the underbelly or the right side (we move anti-clockwise) of our oval shaped path around the sun and you can seemingly track a forward movement away from it. However, the mark does not remain stationary. You are on a planet that is moving anti-clockwise around the sun, thus the mark cannot remain immobile.

And so, as you, on and with the planet, begin to move, which we all inevitably do, you will find that, because you are on the planet and cannot escape the fact, we all begin to turn at the ‘egg-head’ end of its ceaseless oval trajectory. It is here that you see a truer picture: the mark you began with is now clearly heading back to the same juncture that was given or deemed as its starting point.

This brings to the fore the previous ‘New Year’s Message’ that is here also under reference. As aforesaid, the starting point is entirely subjective as any point along the trajectory can be chosen. However, no matter what point is used and deemed the start, all starting points will yield exactly the same result -- a guaranteed return to it. In addition, and erring on the side of stubbornness, we can say that we most definitely move forward as we move away from the chosen marker we have deemed is the starting point. But, inevitably, the movement begins to clearly show that it is coming back, which immutably indicates a backward and not a forward movement.

What exactly is our movement as a planet, and as such, as a species?

Use the following example to ponder not only on the truth but the unchangeable reality:

We need to picture in our minds an oval shape, which is the actual shape of the pathway of the Earth orbiting the sun. Then, picture a mark or a cross (X) on its trail as its starting point. And then, begin to track away from the X wherever it was placed by you. As we observe the movement away from the X, the selected starting point, it would appear that the movement is forward as it is not going sideways or back to the X. However, if we pan out and look at the whole pathway, a trajectory that cannot be changed, another point of view is revealed, a point of view that may just be more accurate even if at first it is difficult to accept due to the imposition of the held or imposed former view.

What one can see or begin to see is that the moment the movement begins away from the X it is in fact not a moving away from it but back to it. And this is not a trick or an illusion. It is simply a shift from a certain perception or rather misconception to the actual truth.

FACT: the moment the movement begins it is in fact trekking back to the mark it is moving away from. This simply means that there is no intention whatsoever to leave the mark (X) behind but a full disclosure of the fact that it is returning to it. In affect, there is no hidden agenda or deceit involved. It is all there for all to see and more importantly, it is all there for all to unavoidably experience. And that is the crunch, for no matter what you choose to perceive, believe or hold as your opinion, you cannot alter what is taking place.

With all that said, and for you to sit back and openly deliberate, consider further that life is not made up of one mark, one X, but effectively 365 marks or Xs and 366 every four years that make up a series of movements that are entirely and obviously designed to return to themselves. Each day is a day you return to.

Effectively, you cannot live a day you will not return to in order to experience all that you were (chose to be), thought and expressed in it.

And this indeed is the purpose of each and every incarnation -- you return to each and every day you have lived to experience all of it all over again so that eventually you learn to choose that which is in Co-creation as opposed to choosing to add to all that is already in creation and out of sync with who we truly are.


Thus the crux -- holding a misconception of the reality is much worse than being ‘half smart’, it is clearly detrimental, to our psyche and all that that brings.

Clearly, we are being shown, and it is unchangeable, that life is all about returning to all that occurs. The question therefore is not ‘if this is so’ but – why is this so?

Since 1999 the author has been clearly spelling out the -- why is this so. But before we revisit the why this is so for the who-knows-how-many-times-I have-said-it time, let us take a small back step so that we can readjust and attune before moving on.

With reference to the previous 2014 Message, why tell the story or teach the teaching again with this message, you may ask. Surely there was enough said in the previous teaching even if it was a basic missive. The answer to the question is very simple – when a misconception has at its roots a very ignorant and or arrogant momentum it requires further and at times ongoing disclosure, revelations that will bring clear and irrefutable factors to the more conscious fore, the liveable reality.

The underlying point here is not that this presentation is dictatorial but rather that it is outing an incessant will (an ill will) to hold what is utterly false as a truth. And worse, the falsity has a very deep and wide deleterious effect on the whole of humanity, one that we have yet to admit even though it has been sitting as a great big white dinosaur in all our living rooms, if not on our shoulders for a very long time.

And finally: the why is this so, the exposure of an ignorance we have never been able to afford:
What if, as an example of the many that can be used, our economic decisions lack the fact that we are in a ceaseless orbit (?), a trajectory that by all means tells us we must plan to experience all of our choices and as such nothing can be disregarded or held as advantageous over anyone or any group, for it too, the expedient self-interest, will come around with us and hence will be experienced by all, including those making such self-absorbed decisions?

The financial crisis that has been called ‘The Great Depression’ (ca. 1929 – 1939 with varying lengths from economy to economy around the world) should have been our last global financial disaster given that, if we had approached the recovery measures back then, by knowing that whatever we chose to put in place will also carry what we did not completely arrest, we would not have to endure the many and compatible predicaments that followed. How many global or regional financial crises have we had since 1929? Likewise, it can be said about any war, especially if you look far back into history and see that there has been enough devastation, and it need only be the loss of one single life to deem it a devastation, for it is just that for the family that suffers the forfeiture of their loved one. And how many wars have we had in the last 4000 years? Look it up, it is quite astonishing, which simply means that we are not addressing the root cause and thus carrying it around and around with us for it to be or erupt at will.

Do you understand what is here being revealed?

Answer: if you repair the financial crisis with solutions that do not address the greed factor, you are merely taking around and around with you the ingredients that will guarantee the predicament happening again. Seek to dissolve war by aiming to have peace instead of harmony and you have allowed the dis-harmony to go around and around the sun, as it irrevocably will, until such time that its tension will surface and erupt into war again.

As another example we could revisit the aforementioned illness and disease crisis the world is in, a crisis that is for now seemingly managed but in-truth has very deep and long financial and ill psychological effects on our species; ill psychological effects that have yet to be fully identified by well meaning counsellors and psychologists, for recovery from cancer for example is not always a full recovery even if the disease does not return in one’s life … think about it and if you cannot, then ask a ‘cancer survivor’ what they really think at the back of their minds well after and even if the disease has not returned.

Aside from these pressing issues, and as previously mentioned, we have the fact that we have the best and most advanced mainstream medical assistance the world has ever known. But, and with all its amazing marvels, and at times clear miracles, it is not, outside its marvellous management of the situation, keeping up with the rise and rise of illness and disease. Yes, despite conventional medicine’s many wonders, its prodigious advances and the great good of the medical teams, the often unsung fabulousness of the nurses and the administrative network that superbly supports it all, we are not in-truth keeping up with the rate of diagnoses, meaning that -- we are far from finding the cures.

Consider without critique or bias that with all the amazing temporal medical knowledge, seemingly more than at any other time on earth, and with the ever-advancing new medical techniques and ‘scientific’ technology, we still cannot curb the rise in obesity, diabetes, cancer and our old stalwarts heart disease and arthritis to name but two of the many age-old proponents. And so, the beckoning questions, as they should be asked ---

What is it that we are not addressing as we go around and around to experience it all over again and again?

What is it that we have not completely arrested that is still circling around and around with us?

These are the type and style of questions we are to ask. And when we do we will find that the answers have and have always been there, fully addressed and clearly spelt out by the Ageless Wisdom and its true teachers.

This is exactly how it is – a simple and basic rendering of the simplicity that is behind all of the not so rudimentary woes and planetary dilemmas.

I trust this has inspired the deep care and the wisdom you are truly from.

With and in Atmic love, the forever student,
Serge Benhayon