New Year's Message 2017


An in-part extract from the book ‘all of us’, the third in the trilogy ‘Time, Space and all of us’, Copyright © Serge Benhayon, author. UniMed Publishing 2014. 

A new dawning has begun. Esoteric Numerology places the year 2017 as the energy or cycle of the number 1. 

2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10

1 + 0 = 1

The energy or cycle of 1 is well known to mean a new beginning. And that is always the basis of the value of 1 in terms of the endless cycles that keep returning to the one they all originate from.

We are all in such cycles; no one is free of them. But, in addition to the fact that it is always an offering of a new beginning, the number 1 also signifies a furthering or a deepening of all that is already there given that there is in-truth no new beginning as all was there in the beginning, in whole, and complete in its Divine inception.

Therefore, as we have a relationship to the cycles, the cycles also have their potency, responsibility and, accordingly, the transliteration or communication thereof. In this case we are dealing with the reflection of the number 1. But this 1 is not the first ever 1 or first ever cycle we have entered. Consequently, we may be experiencing the one-millionth 1 or even many times more. Thus, it is not truly fresh or new or an unknown we are entering into but an offering of what is next that is innate or rather deepening or new compared to what has not yet been released.

The key here is in the word release, which means that which already is and therefore it is not actually to begin anew.

What is being confirmed in this 1 cycle?

This next orbit around the Sun is all about confirmation. But what exactly is being confirmed? We have since the beginning of our existence been under the magnetic pull of evolution. To offer immediate advance by cutting an otherwise long explanation short it can be said that – our first ever relationship was, and still remains, with evolution itself.

Yes, it is evolution that we have an eternal and every moment present relationship with. For many this is the daily and or moment-to-moment struggle. But it is not designed to be a struggle at all; it is that we are continuously being offered the pull to release more of what we truly are. The struggle, therefore, is not in the evolutionary pull but in one’s resistance to what the pull is offering if not asking of us to naturally be, for we are already that which is next to be released.

We are to further note the fact that no one can actually resist the pull of evolution. What is available, should one choose so, is to delay what is on offer. It is this choice that is referred to as the resistance; and it is indeed a form of resistance when compared to the great advance that is always on offer.

2017 contains a very potent pull to confirm what is needed of us next. The world has changed and its dynamism or flow of life is one that is based on energetic responsibility, energetic integrity and the commitment to this way of being. In effect, the advance to evolve in accordance with our true form of evolution has been increased, making it easier or many times easier than ever before to realise who and what we truly are.

The key, of course, is in the commitment, given that the energy or ability to do so is already provided, like never before. However, because there is a very large offering or volume of energy provided, which simply means it is flowing through us all, equally, to not take advantage of it will be felt in the body as a form of dis-harmony. In other words: commit to less and you are moving against the natural flow.

Moving against the natural flow will result in many forms of dis-ease, an ever-present discontentment that cannot be quelled by any substance other than the fiery essence that arrests it. And this is putting it in its mildest form. It may be more pertinent to state that to resist will give rise to more decadent and or indulgent behaviours. Effectively, anything and or whatever will momentarily supress the call to be more of who one truly is, which, the word momentarily reveals we can only subdue our awareness of but never cease the pull itself, will be the very sought-after way of life. 

Subsequently we will see more extreme behaviours by those who resist evolution as part of their usual incarnate patterns as well as a very large move to resist evolution by those who are in fact very sensitive and can feel the call to be more but instead choose to resist as a form of condition they, by likewise incarnate pattern, hold against this current and historical way of societal life, one that is void of the essence of who we truly are.

Thus, with an increase of extreme behaviours to up the ante as per the usual by those who have it in their incarnate patterns, and with an increase in resistance by those who are in fact very aware (very sensitive) and consciously know better, we will also see more indulgence, an escalation in body-break-downs, more illness and disease and a greater spread or increase in spiritual withdrawal conditions, known conventionally as ‘ill mental health’.

And this shift has already well begun as no energetic cycle ever enters into its actual sequence without first casting an in-full preliminary light.

What’s in store?

There are only two possible outcomes: the very advancing effects of being in and with the flow, i.e. our relationship with the pull of evolution, or, the detriments that result from denying and or resisting this age-old relationship.

And therefore …

  • In resistance to the relationship: The face of retail will change. Expect an increase and a more regular intake of food, drink, sugar, salt and caffeine. Expect further loss of reality into the various available screens, and more indecency on the internet. Global and societal tensions will rise and significant earthly (including weather) adjustments to assist the pull will naturally ensue. Turmoil is but a by-product of this age-old form of resistance. Interactive based tensions will also rise and intensify wherein personal and or professional relationships will be used as a distraction to the fact that our first and foremost relationship is with evolution.
  • In the embrace of the relationship: Greater awareness, insight and acute comprehension on many matters will be available at call. Ever-deepening forms of love and appreciation will shower mankind. An increase in matters of healing and resolve thereof will be easier to attain. More ‘light’ or energy towards purpose and duty will naturally pour. Transparency will again be increased. With the expansion of awareness so too will our innate wisdom be at our service as too will our inherent intimacy with the interstellar constellations arouse the fact of former lodgings. All in all, mankind stands to greatly advance. But, like it always has been, it is our call to do so or not to do so.

On offer:

This is not the first time that we are at such a significant juncture. And neither is it going to cease; the offerings are, by God’s hand, eternal. The New Pyramid is alive and very active. A new line marks the planet and as such is the shift in the way we will clear what is not of our true making. The cycle of reductionism has come to an end. And, whilst its many entrenched tentacles will continue to hinder for some time yet, the end is complete, leaving its momentum to run its natural terminating course.

In all of this we will slowly and surely realise that our true way of being or true way of life rests in our very ancient roots. We will eventually come to terms with the fact that our ancient past is in fact our future, i.e. we are evolving back to that which we long ago declined and thus relinquished in order to pursue individuality – the hallmark of what is known as creation. And so, the future has in-truth never been ‘the future’ by the notion that it is a time or period we have yet to move into, it has always been within us to release or unfold.

And what occurs when we choose to unfold it? Answer: we reacquaint ourselves with The Livingness, our ancient way of being.

A possible way:

On April 1st 1999 the author set forth to live The Livingness, a way of life that is based on living the light of our Soul as a human being. In order to maximise this energy and its way of life I set out to live in a manner that allowed its way of being to unfold as unhindered as possible. Hence, in that same year many teachings arose and no less than nine (9) modalities were named and released as tools to assist us along the way. Many other techniques and supportive teachings have since ensued.

One of the key principles of The Livingness is to establish a way of life that is lived and accordingly is recognised as having one seamless and thus consistent quality. Effectively, life is experienced as one way of being with all; it is a manner of living all facets equally. With and under the impulse that founds this way of being an innate purpose is re-discovered: the purpose to continually evolve which simply means to keep unfolding all that already is, whole and Divine.

Accordingly, as each component of life is approached as being no greater or less than any other, the One Quality to all and for all becomes a natural application.  Thereafter, it does not take much to transcend any aspect that may be lagging or lacking the merited quality it equally deserves in regard of your commitment to it. As such, life not only becomes one seamless flow, it soon feels as One Life: one way of being with all that takes place. Naturally, and as aforesaid, the purpose of life itself is imbued with a very profound meaning, a meaning that comes from within and therefore it is not based on any ideal, belief or model one should follow or adhere to by prototypical demand or archetypal standards.


As the author has presented on many occasions, he is and therefore advocates that we all ought to be students of ourselves, i.e. that human life itself and all of us in it are our truest teacher.

In our daily interactions, from the movements of our making and from the convergences that occur as a result of the making of others, we gather the perfect classroom to observe and experience by way of choice, sometimes consciously and at times seemingly unplanned, but nonetheless equal in its overall embrace.

Often the question arises: how is it, Serge that you are so committed, consistently purposeful and always giving to all so evenly? The answer is very simple: One Quality, One Life, One Purpose.

As described here, there is no purpose, drive, goal or lead to be anything or alike anyone, rather there is a commitment to a certain quality first and foremost and it is that quality that forms the way onward, thereafter. 

One Quality:

The first and foremost quality is love, or the light of your Soul; both are one and the same. This type of love is beholding and therefore it is not emotional or segregating but instead all-embracing with no exclusion or judgment. The quality, love, is itself the principal foundation by which and from which all aspects are approached and accordingly conducted. There is no space left void of the expression of love, in its innate wisdom, truth and universality. 

The key is in the fuel that founds this way of being – love, a two-way movement that involves letting love in just as much as its unrestrained expression.

One Life:

The equation or way of living that can be called ‘one life’ is a natural unfoldment of a commitment to all aspects of one’s life receiving an equal approach in potency, focus and dedication which, as mentioned, results in a one-unified way of being or, as it is experienced, human life and all its manoeuvrings become – One Life; a way of being that is equally present and abundant with all that is before it.

The key is in the approach, a dedication to be at-one and hence equal with all that is before you. A by-product of this way of being is an underlying joy, and a seamless flow of it that enriches and regenerates rather than drains our life-force.

One Purpose:

When one combines a certain form of energetic quality to their embrace of life and by that a commitment to not only live in and by that value but also to sustain it, the resolution forms, by innate sentience, a purpose that is defined by the overall quality of the movement involved. It is here that we experience a term and teaching the author first taught in 1999, True Movement.

Purpose, therefore, and as aforementioned, is not qualified by any prototypical model or archetypal order one must adhere to but rather that meaning and definition are qualified by the movements that form and define purpose itself. In other words: one learns what purpose is and to what purpose they commit to by the movements themselves, which are founded by the quality of love in the first place, and thereafter, one experiences the subsequent advancing and affirming results that unfold before one’s very eyes.

The key is to not place any ideals, beliefs or pictures you are to further, rather that an advance will be given to that which aligns to the founding quality, love.

The essential principle: All of the Who and not just the part.

Exactly as you read it the central tenet reveals itself. We are to be or live the all of who we truly are and not the part … this simply means to not be or not live the part we usually give instead of the whole we truly are.

We are all, equally, magnificent beings when we let go of all that we are not. All that we are not is cast by ideals and beliefs that, if allowed and or accepted, form a false sheath that can, and often does for many, become what and who they consider themselves to be when in fact and by energetic truth it is not. Put simply, this translates to the fact that you are not that which has been cast upon you by others and or by the ideals and beliefs that are in-truth not based on who and what you and we all truly are.

The facts are very simple: live the truth that is known to you by what you know and feel is true to you and not by what you ought to be like in order to conform to the demands or satisfaction of others.


Never let any one moment of love, wisdom and or truth slip by without appreciating your worth in its flow and outcome. The affirming end result, after all, came through by the grace that you innately are.

Appreciation is one of the best spoon-fulls of medicine we can swallow. It is good medicine to appreciate oneself. 

Depravity is today widespread; too many have given up on themselves and as such, self-effacing behaviours replace an otherwise innate decency and tenderness that are open, loving and inherently universal. Let us not forget that what is or may be instigating the degeneracy is but a mere speck when compared to the loveliness that founds and makes up all that you truly are.

Take stock (do your own stocktake):

It works well in business, an annual, quarterly or monthly review of what works and what does not. Comparably we can do likewise. Let go of behaviours you know do not truly fulfil or satisfy the incessant unrest and adopt those that will whilst you further those that you know are already bringing true equanimity.  

And finally …


Choose one aspect of your life that you do well or very well. If, by the aforementioned false sheath that you have allowed to encircle you this is not so clear, then choose what you may consider is better than all else. If this is also difficult ask another what they see you do so well and or brings value to their life or the lives of others. Next, take the time to deeply appreciate this aspect of your life. Expand its quality and its service or delivery. As this becomes greater and more evident begin to spread the same value and commitment to all else that you do. Slowly if but surely the One Quality you identified soon becomes your way with all that you do; hence, one way = One Life. Naturally, the benefits will be felt, by you, and by all who have you in their life. It is here that purpose is born, the One Purpose, to evolve so that all can equally evolve.

With love,
The forever student,
Serge Benhayon