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The factor of cycles

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While we are not anywhere near the awakened state of who we truly are there is some worth in having a point farther and deeper than we can grasp, to, at the very least, offer hope and affirmation that there is something greater than the milieu of our unstable existence. Few will argue this position has not worked to some good effect. However, in this particular offer of hope, comfort and splendour, we omit to include and by that we consequently fail to understand that it is inevitable for each of us to awaken to greater levels of awareness. The awakening is in-truth a re-awakening. And this is because there is a re-attainment and with it a grander form of wisdom, love and intellect we are all unavoidably progressing back to being. 

While progress is slow and at times ostensibly stagnant, the common setting serves very well, or, so it seems. However, we are in fact moving in a manner that will eventually re-awaken our repressed awareness, and in that we re-instigate the more lucid steps back towards who we truly are. It is at that pending point that the held platitude, while serving us in our un-awakened state, begins to become the enslaving belief and perception it actually is. And this is the greater offering: what serves at some level, i.e. the good of man’s highest form of love, only serves because we have witnessed and or experienced all that is below the crowned setting. This means that anything that is lesser than the expected peak serves to maintain the peak as the crown we not only aim but should be grateful for because it is there, and we can aim for it. 

But what is this summit and what are or is its furrow? The answer is simple: there is no real peak and trough relationship. It is all one soup of merry-go-round features that are based on the ingredients we allow or not allow to be put into the created broth. 

On the back of this preface let us further the inspection of the factor of cycles.

The Science of Cycles

Each cycle brings with it a magnitude of advance. What we do with it, how we respond, whether we reject it or ignore it, does not alter the unstoppable factor. 

Cycles have been with us since any notion of understanding our origins or that of our multi-layered Universe can be envisaged. Put simply: we cannot escape the factor of cycles. 

Cycles play an important role. But too often, as is the expected circumstance for this current model of life, there is a reductionist relationship with what is taking place grander than the naked eye can for now see. And the word ‘reductionist’ is relative to the greater advances we seldom recognise and much less accept and maximise to our true global advantage. Accordingly, the question must be asked: 

When and where has it served us to be so reductionistic when there is a colossal and far superior aspect and aliveness to being human? 

The answer to that question is the existent and clearly evidenced plight of the real every-day-ness of human life. We have yet to realise and not long thereafter enlarge who and what we all truly are.

A single person’s diagnosed cancer brings with it a casualty of cost for society as too their particular workplace along with the obvious personal financial burden for the patient-to-be and their family, of course. Add to this arisen turbulence the greater property of the emotional impact and the possibility of the disease being of the ‘terminal’ kind, and or, the bearing of the anticipated treatment regime, and we have a substantial nucleus of commotion from this ‘one’ case, somewhere on our planet. Of course, and most dejectedly, this ‘one case’ is occurring simultaneously and at the rate of much too frequent knots all over our globe. Add to that the many traumas, ‘accidents’ and the many unnecessary mishaps and we have an every-day-ness that sorely requires a thorough examination or two, or a multitude if we prefer to be exact. Then comes the every-day-ness of domestic and workplace abuse in all the ridiculous forms and flavours that make up the world to be the rampant manipulation and misapplication we have yet to admit has been an age-old epidemic form of do-as-one-pleases cruelty. 

Needless to say, not all is this detail of every-day-ness; there is also vast affectionateness, rejoicing and many moments of exultation. The starkly incongruous mix is accepted as being the custom. But should it be?  

Should we as human beings comprise of a coexistence that brings with it abuse, ruin and calamity while also offering glee, fulfilment and genuine elation? And there is more to enquire because the equation extends to a yet explained system of quantity whereby assumed haphazard selection or ‘luck’ of class can decide who gets which portion of the cake in this structure of distribution. 

Are we born lucky? Are we born into luck? Are we born into misery, hardship and assured failure? Are we born to create our own opportunity because our luck was not the spoon-fed kind? Or are these questions of context no more than well-known circumstances for no other reason than the fact that that is what we have made our turns around the Sun to consist of? If the latter is the case, and in fact it is, what is it about the factor of cycles we know enough of to ignore if not manipulate so as to not truly benefit from the ceaseless augmentation? 

Note here with astute focus the fact that there is no question aimed at what we don’t know but what we do know and hence use as superior knowledge to set the opposite as our reality. Yes, we use the know-how of a misery, abuse and ailment free world to create the exact opposite. A big call to make, you may declare. But that is in fact the truth. We know far more than we admit, and even more than that if we give our sense of life greater emphasis than we do our array of distractions. 

This then brings us to the point of examination: we have always known what living cycles is all about. And our state of real every-day life is a result of the contrary manner we use, or rather, misuse the science. You don’t agree? Sit back and read on. 

The Science of Cycles is a science that deals with the exact obvious dilemma at hand. Any true practitioner of the science will tell you that a mix of travesty and accomplishment is a non-attendance to basic focus and principled application if not at least an ignorance to authentic consideration. Put simply: 

We only have to go around the Sun once to know all that is not acceptable for the next inevitable same opportunity. 

Note the word ‘opportunity’, understand its real application and you will not be that far off from entering into the Science of Cycles, at least, as a novice. 

There is a saying among the exponents of the science that states and presages as follows: 

Put two and two together and you will not come to the number four if the misuse of what a cycle means is applied to the basic rigour of arithmetic. 

In other words: if we are to hold true the fact that 2 + 2 = 4 then why is it that we allow the answer to be a mix of travesty and accomplishment the second stretch around any micro and macro cycle?   

No examiner would accept the answer as being 5, 6 or 7 to the rudiments of 2 + 2. The answer is 4, period. Unless we bring in other unseen energetic factors, it is a closed conclusion …. Two plus two equals four. Done.  

And you are here not missing any obvious simplification or straightforwardness. In the case of cycles, the view is always simple. The age-old argot ‘what goes around comes around’ does not just apply to the Law of Cause and Effect, it also has its roots in the Science of Cycles. For example, and in its purpose: what goes around ought to go around only if it truly serves us all. And there you have it. You are now past the admittance stage and into the apprenticeship of basic cyclic arithmetic --- what does not serve us all equally, must be discarded and not allowed to go around again. This is 101 cyclic arithmetic. 

Thus, if we adopt and acclimatise to the rhythm of a year, which is in fact a cycle, or if we elect a shorter cycle such as a day, it matters not the stretch of the tenure of experience; whatever does not serve us all equally, ought not to enter the next cycle, be it the next day or the ensuing year. 

But there is more to the Science of Cycles because the movement has birthed another science – the Science of Numerology, expressed in its Occult Science and in its Esoteric Science. 

Being the year ‘2020’ tells us that we have had at least two thousand and twenty orbits around the Sun. Of course, we all know that that is a huge reduction of the fact that we have been around many tens of thousands of years, perhaps (and it will be discovered that it is a fact), doing the same ‘thing’, as in – repeating the same array of wayward addictions while we adorn our scenery with so-called novel advances that make it appear that evolution or some kind of it is taking place. Well, the Science of Cycles is not so forgiving in its cyclic report card if what goes around once, and it does not prosper all equally, is repeated. War, slavery, murder, abuse, conflict, argument, denigration, corruption and or lies anyone? Hmmm, seems like once around is not enough to know that those features of human life should not be features of human life. Thus, let’s shoot for another few thousands if the first ten have not emphasised enough what it is that we should allow and what we should not. 


With love, the forever student,

Serge Benhayon



The ‘year’ 2020 translates to the number 4 in Esoteric Numerology. Though in Occult Numerology the making of the single end digit holds a significant bearing, in Esoteric Numerology it is from the single end digit that we extract the cyclical value.  

In its most basic understanding, 4 is the number of foundations. Thus, 4 represents Foundations. It is also the number of incarnation, relationship with nature, harmony, the world and the planet. In its application it enriches opportunity to establish and consolidate that which works for you, and hence equally for others. The 4 cycle offers us the opportunity to decide what to prefer, i.e. what to lay as a foundation (platform) and move forward with into the next 9-year cycle. And finally, 4 is the symbol of harmony within the body. In this cycle you get to connect with nature, music, resourcefulness, art that serves and the sense of planetary brotherhood.

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