New Year's Message 2022

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As the New Year’s Message for 2019 explicated – cyclic living helps us understand the quality and offering of existence. Cyclic living has a language, and it is found in periodic recurring quantity.’ The central principle of this teaching and its unavoidable science thereof being the factor of recurrence. And why is the feature of repetition so crucial to keep mentioning? Repetition, in the name and in the sense of the true meaning of the word ‘evolution’ is judiciously essential if not imperative due to the mass of refutation. Or, put simply like so: the magnitude of effort (drive), knowledge (lies), ownership (regulation) and entitlement (reward) that is relied upon to dismiss the factor of Soul and spirit as two completely opposite forms of being human can only be lovingly addressed (healed/corrected) by the nature of recurring (cyclic) circumstance. For example, drop the ‘how many xyz does it take to change a light bulb’ and insert …

a.   How many wars, arguments, debates and basic rivalry and or differences does it take to realise that any form of unfriendliness or disagreement elicits and energetically embeds the poison of disharmony? (‘Peace is momentary. Harmony is eternal.’ ~Serge Benhayon ca. 1999)

b.   How many cases of domicile abuse, and I include shouting, squabble and any form of denigration, does it take to call a world stopping armistice on any behaviour that is one speck less than authentic love > where every person is not just safe and free of abuse but loved and nurtured as we all equally deserve?  

c.   How many rates of illness, disease and ill-mental health does it take to stop and question whether there is far more to being human than the current anthropological interpretation has accounted for? 

And that is just the mere tip of the rapidly melting iceberg.

Mankind was moved into a very specific period of acceleration at the very start of the year 2000. Needless to corroborate, many world changes in the form of planetary, social and health status we have all endured as a result of the corrective and advancing elements of the offered acceleration. All of which was predicted in 1999 by the author. 

Twenty-two years of rapid change. Not all truly constructive. Nonetheless, humanity prevails, albeit, both lesser and greater from it. 

And now it is that moment once again where we are being offered a grand correction and advance. The imminent stretch will add a focus in the form of inmost acceleration. Indeed, on this specifically planned juncture, we are entering into a cyclical period of fifty-year duration.  Purposefully, we will be in and under the light of intimate reckoning. 

Sooner than indolently later, it will be apparent that long gone will be the lethargy of ignorance. The grade of transparency called for, and by certain quarters snubbed, as expected, will, by the element of acceleration, arise a much deeper call for integrity, and eventually the call will be for energetic integrity. The latter mentioned degree of integrity is farther onward around the Sun but inevitably we are moving around to it.  Because around to it is all that we do, recurrently so. 

2022 will herald the period of accelerated transparency. The esoteric numerology, which concentrates on the single figure of six i.e., 2 + 2 + 2 = 6, reveals both a focus and the inauguration of the focus upon the mass known as humanity. In revelation, this means that the inmost of the mass as a whole will begin to exhibit the nature of certainty and hence an increasing call for greater veracity. 

The next 50 to 52 years will display a rapidly unfolding type of humanity whose call for sincere transparency will usher in the next speedier release of correction and advance. 


There is much to see and be aware of if you are willing to observe and deepen your relationship with what is observed within the greater sphere we exist in. Expand your sensitivities to incorporate that which is beyond the physical as well as and with equal focus to all that is that comprises moment by moment material life.

With love, the forever student,
Serge Benhayon


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