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The New Era’s Message

Dear Students of the Livingness,

Last year’s message is still very active for most. Its message, revelation and healing light is and will continue to be very actively pertinent and thus applicable on many levels for the next 50 years … the first fifty years of the New Era we have all just begun.

That said, all of our past New Year’s messages along with the Livingness Messages are there for study and hence application as one can grasp and make such revelations and Energetic Laws their living way. It is for each and every student to make use of what is on offer as they so choose. And, if the Ageless Wisdom is not to your liking, click on the X, switch it off, close the book, stop reading and walk away and find whatever you choose is right for you. If it is all made up – then let it be the hogwash or the lies you deem it to be. Criticising it will only reveal that it has touched areas you do not want touched.

If you choose to continue --
Enjoy this year’s New Era Message.

From the forever student,
Serge Benhayon

The New Year's Message for 2011

‘For those who have read our messages of past to present, the 2011 Message will be seen as a continuation of a long line of unfolding information that bears witness to twelve (12) years of accuracy on many subjects along with clear and precise esoteric forums from which to better understand personal unfoldments with and within the scope of life’s presenting dilemmas. Such information has provided the student/reader with the very effective energetic principle of observe and not absorb along with the fact that the only form of active self-healing is the quality of one’s own presence in all they do. In addition we have well presented on the subject of the heart and the inner-heart and which of the two is the place of the esoteric or the inner-most from which to express and make one’s life a life of fiery-truth. These and many more principles have over the years been given out in order to help those who are ready to prepare for the rapidly changing times. The list goes on. What one does with the teachings/information and how one hears or sees it, responds to it, or reserves full or partial elements of doubt or other is respectfully, and by right, always in the hands of the receiver. It is up to each and every individual to choose and or discern not only what is said and or written, but first and foremost, the entire energy it comes with … this latter point is ultimately crucial.

Book 3 - Extract

Consider that the New Year's message was not intended to expose the higher forms of emotional ills that come from one being in their mind or head about life. In our presentation, we have merely presented the key principle of a true foundation.

Fiery Sutra

 ~ School of the Livingness ~

This document is a part of the teachings of 'The Way of The Livingness'

 White Magic – Sutra 4

The truth about essence – Knowing your true essence

The essence of any being is determined by the quality of energy that pre-dominates their body of expression. In the accepted human sense, that is, in the un-awakened energetic state, the essence that is usually felt and thus connected and referred to, is the inner-light of the pranic-spirit.

In-truth of course, our true essence is the fiery-light of God that is deep within all of our 'expressing bodies'. We have separated from our truth for so long that, sadly, most do not get to feel their own inner-most essence and hence, what is usually connected to and thus experienced, is the essence of the inner-spirit, which is always pranic in every way.

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